Chapter Building

Ingredients for a Strong, Thriving Chapter

Program of Work

The heart of SkillsUSA’s success can be found in our thousands of local chapters across the nation. That’s why providing ways for chapters to stay strong and engaged throughout the year is so important. SkillsUSA’s Program of Work (PoW) is the road map for planning and implementing an annual calendar of chapter activities. When a SkillsUSA chapter aligns its yearly activities with the PoW, students receive rich experiences that empower them to become career ready.

Learn more about the Program of Work.

Chapter Excellence Program

The Chapter Excellence Program (CEP) is the single best way to build a successful SkillsUSA chapter. The CEP recognizes achievement as it relates to the integration of the SkillsUSA Framework in chapter Program of Work (PoW) activities.

Every chapter is encouraged to participate in the CEP, and there are three award levels to recognize program involvement. The first two levels are acknowledged by a chapter’s state association, and the third level is recognized nationally. Each level is designed to give chapters a benchmark for success and future improvement, leading to stronger chapters and better-prepared students. The more a chapter applies the Framework, the greater the chance for CEP honors, so go for the gold and gain the recognition your chapter deserves through CEP participation! Learn more about the Chapter Excellence Program.

Chapter Activities

Here are some fun activities for your chapter. Learn more!