Why Join SkillsUSA?

Build Your Foundation for Success

Just the self-esteem, my sense of worth that came from the personal development that SkillsUSA allowed me to put into myself … it just gives me a confidence unlike anything else I can quantify.

— Anthony Mitchell, former SkillsUSA student

Middle school students

Middle school students, joining SkillsUSA will open a world of future career opportunities you never knew existed, and that could ignite a passion for a specific skill you may want to pursue as a career someday. You’ll also begin to develop the leadership skills that will set you up for success in high school and life in general. All the while, you’ll make new friends, experience new things, grow in exciting new ways … and have a ton of fun!

High school students

High school students, there are so many options for you to consider when deciding what student organizations to join, but there is no student organization that’s more committed to your personal and professional success than SkillsUSA. As a member, you’ll grow in ways you never thought possible. Along with developing your technical skills in your career area of study, you’ll develop life-shaping leadership skills (communication, teamwork, goal setting and more) that will set you up for success in life. You’ll gain opportunities for travel and other new adventures, compete with your peers, access unique scholarship opportunities, serve your communities through service projects and more. Even better, you’ll be doing all that within a supportive, encouraging community of peers and dedicated SkillsUSA advisors. Whether you’re headed to college or right into the workforce after graduation, SkillsUSA is your launch pad for success.

College/Postsecondary students

College/postsecondary students, whether you’re preparing for your future career, looking to advance in your current career or even exploring a career change, make SkillsUSA your student organization of choice. As a member, you’ll gain access to advanced levels of skills training and leadership development, including opportunities to network with industry professionals, compete with your highly skilled peers (on the local, state and national levels), gain recognition for individual achievements, secure internships and so much more. Your resume will reflect proven, real-world training and experience with the leadership skills to match. That combination makes you the type of graduate industry is desperate to hire. As a college/postsecondary student, you’re focused on your immediate future, and SkillsUSA is focused on your success.

I would say SkillsUSA has totally changed the way I teach. Through SkillsUSA, we set our students up to be miles ahead of adults applying for jobs. My students develop integrity by being held accountable. SkillsUSA has truly made me a better instructor.

— Gloria Houston, SkillsUSA advisor

Teachers and advisors, you are true heroes, and the countless hours you selflessly devote to the success of your students is just one of many examples of that heroism in action. So, with already-heavy schedules, what inspires tens of thousands of teachers and advisors to join SkillsUSA each year as professional members?

The answer is simple: SkillsUSA isn’t an “add-on” to what you do — We’re an ally. Through SkillsUSA, instructors enhance their curriculum, network and partner with industry, access transformative professional development, gain opportunities for state and national recognition, lead their students through industry-created competition experiences (on the local, state and national levels), serve their communities, connect the classroom to the real world and (believe it or not) more!

Best of all, you’ll be supported every step of the way through curated content, tools and resources that are easy to implement in any learning environment. You’ll be part of a nationwide network of students, teachers and industry that’s committed to your ongoing success and the success of your students.

Ready to learn more? Access the SkillsUSA Membership Kit that’s right for you at the links below. Through the kit, you’ll discover all the details about how to join, your professional member benefits and more. You can also learn more in the How to Join section below.

Everything I’ve wanted, I’ve been able to set up. I love what I do, I have a beautiful family … and SkillsUSA was definitely the root of all this.

— Matt DiBara, former SkillsUSA student

Parents, careers in the skilled trades are among the most in-demand, high-paying and highly skilled careers available today, and that’s for two reasons. Number one, these skills are essential to keeping our nation moving, and America was reminded of that in a big way during the pandemic. Secondly, there’s a skills gap affecting nearly all skilled trades industries, where millions more jobs are available than graduates willing and able to fill them.

That’s why there’s also never been a better time to be a member of SkillsUSA, America’s proud champion of the skilled trades. SkillsUSA is closing that skills gap with graduates who are career ready, day one: ready to work, ready to lead and ready to make a difference in their schools, communities, workplaces and our nation.

Through SkillsUSA, your child will develop high-level technical skills in whatever skilled area they’re studying (we represent 130 of those areas). At the same time, they’ll be developing life-shaping leadership skills from our SkillsUSA Framework of Personal, Workplace and Technical Skills Grounded in Academics: teamwork, communication, goal setting, integrity, responsibility, professionalism and more. That combination creates what we call “The SkillsUSA Difference” — students with confidence, career clarity, personal and professional pride, and the courage to step outside their comfort zones.

SkillsUSA students also experience opportunities to travel, participate in leadership and competitive events and conferences, meet new people, make new friends, network with industry, access scholarship opportunities, gain industry-validated credentials and so much more. They’re supported every step of the way by an encouraging community of peers and dedicated SkillsUSA advisors committed to their personal and professional success.

To get your student involved, have them ask their instructor or SkillsUSA advisor when the next SkillsUSA chapter meeting will be held, or contact your state SkillsUSA director to find chapters in your area. No chapters in your area? Check out the Start a Chapter section of our site or contact the SkillsUSA Customer Care Team at 844-875-4557 or customercare@skillsusa.org for information.