Skills Jam

We are excited to announce that SkillsUSA has partnered with the Skilled Careers Coalition to produce Skills Jam – a docuseries that follows SkillsUSA students on their journey to Nationals. Skills Jam provides an opportunity for a wider audience to grasp the importance of skilled careers, and the opportunities available to students who participate in SkillsUSA and Career Technical Education. Viewers will cheer on competitors, feel moved by student stories and become advocates of skilled careers!  

 SkillsUSA members will have an opportunity to participate in a docuseries with a focus on these priorities:  

  • Compelling or Intriguing Stories  
  • Highly skilled students with the anticipation of doing well at our state conferences. 
  • Skills Represented in the Entertainment Industry (Special FX, Set Design, and Production) 
Are you a SkillsUSA state director or advisor and know of an excellent student to nominate for the Skills Jam video series? Are you a student who wants to be featured? Complete the nomination form below!

The deadline to submit the nomination form is April 14.

We are searching for applicants with the following credentials: 

  • Must be a high school student  
  • highly skilled students with the anticipation of doing well at our state conferences. 
  • Able to discuss their SkillsUSA journey and their passion for their craft
  • Have a compelling story
    • A compelling story might highlight their SkillsUSA experience, a significant workplace experience, any CTE coursework that inspired them to pursue a skilled trade career, or a mentor who has been influential to their experience.
  • Able to speak confidently and comfortably in front of a camera
  • Pursuing excellence in the following skilled career contests:

Note: This docuseries will focus on competitors with skills that are pertinent to the entertainment industry. However, students don’t need to be interested in a career within the entertainment industry to participate:

  • Set Design
    • Architectural Drafting
    • Cabinetmaking
    • Carpentry
    • Electrical Construction Wiring
    • Electronics Technology
    • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR)
    • Masonry
    • Mobile Electronics Installation
    • Plumbing
    • TeamWorks
    • Welding
    • Welding Fabrication
    • Welding Sculpture
  • Special FX
    • Barbering
    • Commercial sUAS Drone (Demonstration)
    • Cosmetology
    • Digital Cinema Production
    • Esthetics
    • Mobile Robotics Technology
    • Photography
    • Robotics and Automation Technology
    • Robotics: Urban Search and Rescue
    • Technical Drafting
  • Production
    • 3D Visualization and Animation
    • Audio/Radio Production
    • Interactive Application and Video Game Development
    • Television (Video) Production
    • Video News Production
    • Telecommunications Cabling

Skills Jam Process

Please see the process for the Skills Jam docuseries detailed below.  

Step 1: Identify the student
Step 2: Complete the Nomination Form 
Step 3: Student and advisor will be informed if the student has been selected to advance to  the application process
Step 4: Student completes the application 
Step 5: The student, advisor and state director will be informed if the student has been selected to participate in the filming. There are multiple opportunities to be featured including:  

      • Cluster-specific stories
      • Social media content 
      • Docu-series 

Step 6: Pre-NLSC Filming 
Step 7: On-site at NLSC Filming 
Step 8: Post-competition follow-up