Annual Theme

Discover Our Membership Theme for the Year

Theme Overview

Each year, a new SkillsUSA annual membership theme is unveiled to great excitement at the conclusion of our National Leadership & Skills Conference (NLSC). The theme is designed to inspire the amazing work in our SkillsUSA chapters during the school year as students develop the Personal, Workplace and Technical Skills of our SkillsUSA Framework.

Not to be confused with our long-standing national slogan/organizational tagline, “SkillsUSA: Champions at Work,” the annual theme is selected each year as a member-centric element.

The SkillsUSA competition theme for the 2023-24 school year is:

SkillsUSA: No Limits
The topic to be addressed by competitors in the 2024 SkillsUSA Chapter Display, Prepared Speech and Promotional Bulletin Board competitions.

Within this topic, competitors might illustrate or discuss any of the following:

  1. The theme “SkillsUSA: No Limits” implies that there is no ceiling to what SkillsUSA student members can achieve. Name three ways that SkillsUSA helped you gain greater confidence to achieve your goals.
  2. How has SkillsUSA helped you answer the question, “What career field interests you the most?”
  3. If you were asked to create a member recruitment campaign around the theme “SkillsUSA: No Limits,” what would be three key points?
  4. How has learning and practicing the SkillsUSA Framework Essential Elements given you confidence in your skill set? Name two Essential Elements that you have utilized to help you work toward a goal.
  5. What does the theme “SkillsUSA: No Limits” mean to you?
  6. A supportive community is crucial in helping us reach our goals and achieve a “no-limits” future. How do you demonstrate being a supportive teammate to others?