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Our Skilled and Leadership Competitions are Cutting Edge


The competitions of the SkillsUSA Championships are created and judged by industry to ensure that students are learning the real-world skills employers demand from entry-level professionals. Learn more about our competitive events below. These competitions represent some of the most highly skilled, in-demand skilled trade areas in the nation.

Competition Categories

While the competition descriptions below are listed in alphabetical order, they are grouped within three categories. Use the following color code to reference which category that a specific competition represents:

In addition to the 16 Career Clusters established for career and technical education training programs, SkillsUSA has established an additional Leadership Competition Cluster where related skills can be demonstrated in a competitive setting. The leadership competitions are open solely to SkillsUSA members, regardless of their training program area.
Most occupationally related competitions are open to SkillsUSA members enrolled in any career and technical program, as these competitions represent skills that are not unique to any one Career Cluster or training area. For example, competitions like Occupational Health and Safety and Related Technical Math are in this category because safety and mathematical concepts are part of many career and technical education programs. Another example is Entrepreneurship, through which any student interested in opening their own business can showcase their business plan.
Participants in these competitions must meet the occupational training program eligibility requirements set forth in each competition description. In this category eligibility is directly aligned to the occupational objectives of the competitor’s program of study.

Competition Descriptions

Below is a brief description for each competition that’s currently part of the SkillsUSA Championships, along with a color-coded icon representing the competition’s category. The SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards, which feature the full official rules and regulations for each competition, can be accessed through the Technical Standards and Resources portion of this site.

To download the national competition list, click on NLSC 2024 Championships Competitions.


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