Member Resources

The Resources You’ll Need to Succeed


SkillsUSA is committed to providing our members with the resources they need to excel both in and outside the classroom. Here you’ll find a wealth of valuable tools, information and opportunities that will enhance your SkillsUSA experience while nurturing personal and professional success.


SkillsUSA Membership Kit: The blueprint for a successful year in SkillsUSA.
Scholarships and Grants: Exclusive opportunities for SkillsUSA members.
Chapter Charter Application:  Apply for your chapter charter.
Middle School Constitution/Bylaws Template: Customizable SkillsUSA middle school constitution template.
High School Constitution/Bylaws Template: Customizable SkillsUSA high school constitution template.
College/Postsecondary Constitution/Bylaws Template: Customizable SkillsUSA college/postsecondary constitution template.
Chapter Officer Election Toolkit: Everything you need to have successful chapter officer elections.
Chapter Activities: Fun activities for your SkillsUSA chapter.
Become a National Officer: Find out if you have what it takes to serve as a SkillsUSA National Officer!
Annual Theme: Discover our membership theme for the year.
Professional Development Opportunities: Explore our opportunities for continued learning in a variety of subjects.
SkillsUSA Absorb: SkillsUSA’s Learning Management System (LMS) for instructors.
SkillsUSA Advocacy Site: Spread the word about SkillsUSA to policymakers and your local media through this free service.