Program of Work

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Program of Work
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The heart of SkillsUSA’s success can be found in our thousands of local chapters across the nation. That’s why providing ways for chapters to stay strong and engaged throughout the year is so important. SkillsUSA’s Program of Work (PoW) is the road map for planning and implementing an annual calendar of chapter activities. When a SkillsUSA chapter aligns its yearly activities with the PoW, students receive rich experiences that empower them to become career ready.

The PoW features six categories that define areas of focus for a well-run chapter in the same way a well-run business may be divided into different divisions. Each division has specific responsibilities, but all contribute to the overall success of the business. Likewise, SkillsUSA chapters are encouraged to create separate committees for each of the six categories and then facilitate category-specific activities for the whole chapter. When a chapter provides rich experiences in all six categories of the PoW, it empowers students to become career ready. It also allows students the opportunity to practice and perform the Essential Elements of the SkillsUSA Framework and receive feedback to strengthen their skills.

Program of Work Categories

This category promotes SkillsUSA chapter programs, career and technical education programs, public relations initiatives and experiences to help students build social responsibility. Participation in the Advocacy and Marketing category creates a career-ready student able to:

  • Identify characteristics of effective marketing.
  • Promote SkillsUSA.
  • Advocate for themselves and their ideas.

Activities conducted in the category of Advocacy and Marketing may include:

  • Participation in SkillsUSA Week.
  • Delivering a presentation to the local school board.
  • Conducting a recruitment activity.
  • Creating social media posts related to SkillsUSA activities.

In this category, students will assess community needs, identify services and employ skills to meet needs that develop long-lasting partnerships. Participation in the Community Engagement category creates a career-ready student able to:

  • Assess and analyze needs.
  • Create a heart of service.
  • Apply technical skills for the benefit of others.

Activities in the category of Community Engagement may include:

  • Culinary students holding a Teacher Appreciation Breakfast.
  • Automotive students performing oil changes for military families.
  • Construction students building an accessibility ramp at a local elementary school.
  • Cosmetology students providing services for residents at a senior center.

This category helps students develop personal financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills through relevant work experience, project management and chapter fundraising. Participation in the Financial Management category creates a career-ready student able to:

  • Work efficiently and effectively within a budget.
  • Manage personal finances effectively.
  • Manage resources efficiently.

Activities in the category of Financial Management may include:

  • Hosting an entrepreneurial fair.
  • Engaging a financial management guest speaker.
  • Holding a chapter fundraiser.
  • Engaging students in the creation of personal budgets.

In this category, students establish interpersonal relationships along with individual and team development through chapter operations, leadership competitions and individualized growth plans.

Participation in the Leadership Development category creates a career-ready student able to:

  • Communicate vision.
  • Inspire others to reach a common goal.
  • Equip and empower team members.
  • Develop interpersonal skills.

Activities in the category of Leadership Development may include:

  • Conducting a leadership workshop for all members.
  • Attending a Fall Leadership Conference.
  • Holding a chapter officer retreat.

This PoW category encourages students to engage former members, parents, advisory committees, administrators, faculty and partners in SkillsUSA chapter and classroom activities. Participation in the Alumni and Partner Engagement category creates a career-ready student able to:

  • Appreciate the contributions of others.
  • Build a personal and professional network.
  • Recognize and value the expertise of others.

Activities in the category of Partner and Alumni Engagement may include:

  • Conducting Program Advisory Committee meetings.
  • Engaging partners to serve as mentors.
  • Recognizing contributions of partners and alumni.
  • Providing business acumen and expertise to the chapter’s program of work.

This category encourages participation in career exploration, planning and work-based learning opportunities, including the SkillsUSA Championships. Participation in the Workplace Experiences category creates a career-ready student able to:

  • Gain relevant work experience.
  • Develop job-seeking skills.
  • Understand workplace expectations.

Activities in the category of Workplace Experiences may include:

  • Conducting local competitions.
  • Touring a local industry.
  • Holding a resume and mock interview day.
  • Holding virtual or in-person employer panel discussions.

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