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Published: April 09, 2019
At SkillsUSA, we are committed to continually assessing member needs and improving our work. Stone Ward Communications of Chicago is working with SkillsUSA to conduct research that will help us determine the best ways to develop and deliver printed and digital member communications and resources, including SkillsUSA Champions magazine. A scientifically selected group of state SkillsUSA directors, SkillsUSA instructors, students and business partners will be invited to complete a survey to provide insight and feedback. We want your honest assessment of what we do well and what we could be doing better to address your informational needs. Following the survey, further research will include one-on-one interviews, focus groups and other qualitative research. In the survey, SkillsUSA instructors will be asked if they are able to connect us to counselors, administrators and parents of their students, to conduct further research. This step is crucial to obtaining information from all stakeholders and supporters of the organization. Each group will be surveyed separately, followed by interviews or focus groups at a later date. We know your time is valuable, so the questionnaire should only take about five minutes to complete. Responses go directly to the research company and are confidential. For sharing their opinions and providing us with an accurate email address at the end of the survey, we will give those who respond by the deadline the chance to enter a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card. Please watch your inbox and complete your survey. Thank you for your participation.

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