SkillsUSA Week

SkillsUSA Week is celebrated in February each year.

SkillsUSA Week gives state associations, advisors and student members the opportunity to promote SkillsUSA programs and activities at the local and state levels.

During the week, members can also help raise awareness of SkillsUSA.

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SkillsUSA Week Implementation Guide
Recognition Day -  Monday, Feb. 8

Celebrate and honor members, advisors, administrators, business partners, community leaders and supporters who make a meaningful impact on your CTE program and SkillsUSA chapter.

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Give Back Day - Tuesday, Feb. 9

Rally around your school and community by focusing on ways for your chapter to give back.

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Partner Day - Wednesday, Feb. 10

Invite local business and industry leaders to connect with chapter members as you highlight the importance of developing the career-readiness skills found in the SkillsUSA Framework.

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Advocacy Day - Thursday, Feb. 11

Amplify CTE in your community by conducting a local public relations activity, such as presenting to school board members, administrators or community leaders.

Visit SkillsUSA's Advocacy site to share press releases and write your elected officials about your SkillsUSA Week activities. You can customize our templates there for your chapter and state.

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SkillsUSA Day - Friday, Feb. 12

Celebrate SkillsUSA by wearing your favorite SkillsUSA shirt, planning a celebration activity or by posting your Framework story on social media using the hashtag: #SkillsUSAWeek.

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Application of SkillsUSA Framework

SkillsUSA Framework highlighted

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With the help of industry and education professionals, and to help its members become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens, SkillsUSA created the SkillsUSA Framework. SkillsUSA believes every student has the ability to excel when given the opportunity to learn and apply skills to three distinct areas: personal, workplace and technical skills that are grounded in academics. Every activity and program within SkillsUSA is developed to support these three distinct areas — including SkillsUSA Week! 

Chapter members have the opportunity through active participation in SkillsUSA Week events to develop and practice several of the essential elements of the framework. Consider the teachable moments that exist surrounding the behaviors of the essential elements below as students prepare and participate in SkillsUSA Week activities including Recognition Day, Give Back Day, Partner Day, Advocacy Day and SkillsUSA Day.

  • Personal Skills:
    • Professionalism
      • Loyal to peers, supervisor and myself
      • Adheres to dress codes and other policies
      • Aware of the impact of words and actions
      • Uses good judgment in the decisions made
      • Resolves conflicts peacefully
  • Workplace Skills:
    • Teamwork
      • Works collaboratively with peers, classmates and co-workers
      • Honors the contributions of others
      • Flexible and open
      • Honors commitments and responsibilities to the team
      • Respects and supports team members
  • Technical Skills Grounded in Academics:
    • Service Orientation
      • Acknowledges customers, and is present with the interaction
      • Stays focused and customer-oriented while at work
      • Demonstrates respect and courtesy to customers at all times
      • Knows and implements company’s service policy
      • Handles difficult situations with tack and self-restraint
      • Knows when to involve supervisor in a customer service situation
SkillsUSA Framework Story – Mikey

Check out Mikey’s SkillsUSA Framework Story and then create your own. Identify one Essential Element from the Framework and share an experience you have had in SkillsUSA or your CTE program that has helped you grow in that specific skill. In your story highlight the behaviors you exhibited that are associated with the identified Essential Element.

Share Your Framework Story Video Contest

As part of our SkillsUSA Week celebrations from Feb. 7-13, SkillsUSA is hosting the first annual SkillsUSA Week Framework Story Video Contest. Get the full details and share your Framework story today.

Videos must be submitted by Friday, Feb. 12 by midnight (ET). Three winners will be announced the following week, and each will receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

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SkillsUSA Week 2021 T-shirt

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We’re gearing up for SkillsUSA Week 2021!

SkillsUSA member Thomas Glaser from Walker County Center of Technology in Jasper, Ala.submitted the winning design that will be featured on the official SkillsUSA Week T-shirt.

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Thomas Glaser and Chance Frost

The winner of the SkillsUSA Week T-shirt Design contest, Thomas Glaser and his advisor Chace Frost from Walker County Center of Technology in Jasper, Ala.