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Manufacturing Day is only a few days away! Plan your chapter's #MFGDay now by visiting: https://t.co/WYj0lJkaJe https://t.co/3ZzxvD37OH SkillsUSA photo

SkillsUSA's 2021 Washington Leadership Training Institute, our first in-person conference since 2019, was a triumphant success! Relive some of the awesome moments in this video recap. #SkillsUSA #WLTI21 https://t.co/1iZOqYq4Ov

Supporting #SkillsUSA through fashion? Yep, that's right! Purchase a @Carhartt #SupportTheTrades shirt, and a portion of the proceeds from every shirt sold will be donated to SkillsUSA! Grab a shirt now at your local @TractorSupply location or online at https://t.co/CvYT9SbAww. https://t.co/qEYMRHLTZW

SkillsUSA offers a Career Essentials Overview for anyone interested in learning more about the courses. Check out the variety of dates offered here: https://t.co/qtSQQrUBcM #SkillsUSA #CareerEssentials https://t.co/ET4fms80zd SkillsUSA photo

And that closes out #WLTI21!

Congratulations to everyone who received a Statesman Award this morning! Safe travels to all of the states headed home today. https://t.co/Pxr2nfM4z3
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Over 300 students and advisors joined together in-person for the WLTI 21 U.S. Capitol Photo. Check it out! #SkillsUSA #WLTI21 https://t.co/nwkIwbuaKn SkillsUSA photo

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