Strategies for Attracting Students to High-quality CTE

Published: April 20, 2017
Our friends at Advance CTE and the Siemens Foundation are working on a project, Strategies for Attracting Students to High-Quality CTE, which supports states and local communities in their efforts to attract more students into high-quality career and technical education programs of study. This project will develop effective messaging, as well as provide support to states. Advance CTE commissioned a national survey to better understand the opportunity of CTE, outlined in a new report, “The Value and Promise of Career Technical Education: Results from a National Survey of Parents and Students.” Through the study, Advance CTE found that:
  • Finding a career passion was a critical selling point for parents and students (over 90 percent) – even surpassing having a career that pays well;
  •  The majority of parents and students (85 percent) value college as the post-high school aspiration;
  • CTE programs are most valued for their ability to provide real-world skills, offering tangible benefits related to college and career success;
  • The findings were consistent across all socio-economic groups, with a higher appreciation for CTE graduation success amongst lower-income, black and Hispanic groups; and
  • Counselors, teachers, students and alumni are trusted sources of information.
Read the full report.

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