U.S. Post Office Delay in Delivery Advisory

U.S. Post Office Delay in Delivery Advisory

The SkillsUSA national headquarters is experiencing delays in receiving mail when sent by USPS. A student must be a paid member, in some states, to register as a contestant in state and national competitions. We recommend using an electronic payment method instead of mailing checks during these unpredictable times to ensure payment is received prior to conference registrations. Listed below are the ways in which payments can be made to the organization.

eCheck and Credit Cards

The link to pay by eCheck or credit card can be found directly on the membership invoice or on the SkillsUSA’s Member Information System > Membership > click buttons; Invoices, Pay Now.

eCheck is a onetime secured payment like credit card payments. Please have available your bank account and routing number when paying by eCheck.

ACH Payment

ACH is a secured computer-based electronic payment for processing transactions between participating financial institutions. If this is a preferred payment method, please email your form to the SkillsUSA Accounting Department.

Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders are a commitment to pay but is not actual payment received. The student is not a paid member with only a purchase order in place. For this reason, payment is expected using one of the financial options mentioned above.

State and national conference events
The electronic payment methods in this advisory is only for paying membership fees. Contact your state association office for event and conference payment options.

Verification of check delivery

If your school has recently mailed a check to the national headquarters office in Leesburg, VA you can check the status of receipt by logging onto the SkillsUSA’s Member Information System > Membership > click button; Invoices, amount due. If your check has not arrived and payment is due, we recommend using one of the electronic payment methods to secure payment and we will return the mailed check once received.

Support Resources

View a video on how to pay by eCheck or Credit Card:

Reach out to our Customer Care Team at 844-875-4557, email; customercare@skillsusa.org or the live Chat feature available on the SkillsUSA’s registration site.