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Since 1965, SkillsUSA has been an integral part of career and technical education with an unwavering commitment to improving the quality of our nation’s skilled workforce. Our mission is to prepare students for career success.

We’ve been doing this work for more than five decades — always growing, always striving to reach more students and to serve them effectively. SkillsUSA is the largest organization whose purpose is to serve students preparing for technical, skilled and service careers. Serving as an advisor to a SkillsUSA chapter is one of the most intentional steps you can take as part of your professional career.

The impact of this decision on your students and their future will be life-changing. You’ll find that many of the roles and responsibilities of serving as an advisor support the work you are already doing in the classroom.

Key philosophies that SkillsUSA embodies

  • SkillsUSA believes that every student
    has value and purpose. Our goal is to connect every student we serve to meaningful career opportunities that
    can lead to economic security.
  • SkillsUSA exists to prepare career-ready students. There are many additional benefits from active participation in SkillsUSA that often define why students join. However, when graduates can provide for themselves, they have the freedom to live the life they choose.
  • SkillsUSA is a student-led and advisor-facilitated organization. This is important to know and really understand. The student should work the hardest in accomplishing student and chapter goals. To develop the employability and technical skills needed in the workplace, students must do the leading, planning and the implementation work. The advisor serves as a supervisor to guide and provide feedback when needed, to keep the students safe and to reinforce the transferable skills for the student’s success. The student does the work and is able to unpack any failures for growth and celebrate successes. Learning by doing is the key. There may be a few mistakes along the way, but better for the students to learn from the projects and work they do than to do it perfectly the first time.

This SkillsUSA philosophy guides the resources provided to advisors. Take time to think about why you enjoy being an advisor and focus on the development of students so that they can be the future of our workforce, our communities and our country. This is enormously important work, and you are up for it. SkillsUSA is your partner in the pursuit of student and chapter success.

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