SkillsUSA Career Essentials

In today’s world, it’s not enough for students to have technical skills. If they want to advance their career potential and compete in today’s job market, they need to stand out, be distinct and be a step ahead. That’s a tall order. As an instructor, how can you ensure your students are career-ready?

Here’s how. We are excited to announce the SkillsUSA Career Essentials suite. These products ensure your students have the foundational skills, attitudes and values to distinguish them from other applicants in the skilled labor marketplace. Once on the job, your students will be productive and promotable. The SkillsUSA Career Essentials suite is the solution to your needs in producing career-ready graduates who are prepared to face the 21st-century demands of employers.

  • SkillsUSA Career Essentials: Foundations (formerly called Career Readiness Curriculum [CRC])*
    *The CRC content has not changed
  • SkillsUSA Career Essentials: Experiences (replaces Professional Development Program [PDP])
  • SkillsUSA Career Essentials: Assessments (formerly called Workforce Ready System Skill Connect Assessments) **
     **The Employability Assessment has changed, but all others remain the same

SkillsUSA has been working hard to update and improve the Professional Development Program (PDP). The end result is a completely new online curriculum. Created to facilitate the development of SkillsUSA Framework skills in students, it is the next level of instruction after the Career Readiness Curriculum (CRC). The important PDP employability competencies and skills are still in the new curriculum, only now they are easier to deliver and much more relevant and engaging for students.

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