Nominate Someone for Everyday Job Heroes

Nominate Someone for Everyday Job Heroes

Did someone help write your résumé for free?  Does a colleague go out of their way to drive you to work?  Did your teacher take the time to help every student in the class get an internship?

Every Day Job Heroes change our lives.  They provide inspiration, and by doing so, help us prepare for, find or keep our jobs.  In fact, studies show that one of the strongest predictors of happiness and well-being is one’s job satisfaction.

Minds that Move Us is looking for Every Day Job Heroes.  Nominate a hero, and, if selected, they’ll be win two tickets from Southwest Airlines to the beautiful Miami Hilton for August 6-8, 2019, where we will tout their good deeds!  (Winners from south Florida are eligible, and may use tickets for personal travel).

Nominate your champion with a 15-second video. Deadline is July 15, 2019. Nominee must be 18-years or older.  Make your nomination here: http://mindsthatmoveus.org/.