A Smooth Approach to Baseball

Published: September 24, 2015
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Bucket-toting, fundraising volunteers for a nonprofit, Abigail’s Plan, sport T-shirts printed by Sandy Wheeley’s Lawrence (Tenn.) County High School graphics class. The Abigail’s Plan logo, designed by Wheeley, has become the brand identity of the nonprofit and is used on a variety of items.

Abigail’s Plan seeks to raise $350,000 to build a rubberized baseball field for people with disabilities. Named for Abigail Kidd, who was born with Down syndrome, the group supports a Buddy Ball baseball league for those with disabilities.

For people with mobility issues, the smooth rubberized playing field is easier to navigate. Several members of the Buddy Ball team are Wheeley’s students, and many of her other students have relatives and friends in the Buddy Ball League. For more about Abigail’s Plan, visit: www.abigailsplan.org.

Maggie McKnight (left) and Kristan Sowell print T-shirts for Abigail’s Plan. Photo: Sandy Wheeley, Lawrence County High School. Used with permission.

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