Helping Find a Way Home

Students at W.F. Kaynor Technical High School in Waterbury, Conn., partner with Acts 4 Ministry Inc., a nondenominational group that supports families in need.

To help homeless clients transition into housing, students raised $1,300 for bed linens and household items by hosting a charity dodgeball game. At the ministry’s facility, students sorted donations for the thrift store, washed dishes, loaded trucks, cleaned, reviewed applications and helped with inputting data. They also helped clients “shop” for donated clothes, worked in the laundry, cleaned the client shower between uses and served food. Carpentry students fixed and assembled furniture. To raise awareness of the issue, team leaders did research, then conducted lessons on homelessness. The SkillsUSA chapter’s Community Service contest team placed fifth at nationals. See their PowerPoint presentation below:

Photos: Barbara Marroquin, W.F. Kaynor Technical Highs School. Used with permission.