Contest Updates

SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards

The 2017-2018 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards is the official competition guide for the SkillsUSA Championships and is newly revised. It contains rules for all national events, including an overview, lists of technical skills and knowledge required, clothing requirements, eligibility, and equipment lists. It also lists the embedded academic skills in math, English and science. Rules for state and local events may vary from the national guidelines, but most competitive events are modeled after the national technical standards.

As a free member benefit, SkillsUSA professional members receive the 2017-2018 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards when they have submitted a current and accurate email address with their membership details. The 2017-2018 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards is available online to professional members as part of the paid membership.


General Notes

Contest Scorecards

The official SkillsUSA Championships scorecards are no longer part of the book and electronic copies of the Technical Standards manual.

They are available here as a download

Computer Rental

There has been a change for those of you who are renting computers. Please see the new link below. Any of the orders already placed have been transferred. Computers can be rented from Smart City:

Résumé Requirement

All competitors must create a one-page hard copy résumé and submit this to the technical committee chair at the contest orientation. Failure to do so will result in a 10 point penalty. Competitors can bring a résumé to the contest on the day of competition however, the penalty will remain in effect.

Clothing and Tools

SkillsUSA and our partner Pearson have launched a SkillsUSA Championships app listing the clothing and tools required at the national level of competition. This is a great starter resource that does not replace the SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards but connects users to SkillsUSA’s membership site, where educators can join as professional members to receive the full standards at no charge.

For each contest, the new “SkillsUSA: Clothing and Tools” app includes an overview, clothing requirements, and eligibility and safety guidelines, as well as lists the specific tools, equipment or materials that contestants need to provide. It is offered completely free of charge for students, instructors and SkillsUSA business partners.

The app is available now in both the Apple Store: and the Google Play Store:

Contests with Specific Team Members

The contests below are the contests that had a change from various team members to a specific numbers/teams.

All members will be interviewed and or will be taking part in the contest. Some of the Technical Standards may state one member however they will all be scored and questioned to some extent.

American Spirit AM – 3
Chapter Display DIS – 3
Interactive Application and Video Game Development   IAGD – 2
Occupational Health and Safety – Single: OHSS – 3
Occupational Health and Safety – Multiple: OHSM – 3
Outstanding Chapter OUT – 3
Promotional Bulletin Board: BB – 3 


Occupational Health and Safety 5/22/17
The Occupational Health and Safety survey form is needed for the contest and is in the PDF below:

Occupational Health and Safety form

Opening and Closing Ceremonies 2/24/17
Please note the contest schedule for Middle School and Postsecondary as well as the observer rule.

Opening and Closing Ceremonies update

Promotional Bulletin Board  2/9/17
In Section 11.a  of the technical standards it states “one student shall be prepared to participate in the interview component.”  By reading the notes in the word document that has been changed that all three will be interviewed. And there are some changes in the schedule.

Promotional Bulletin Board update

To help competitors be prepared for Promotional Bulletin Board please review the notes and changes.

Promotional Bulletin Board notes

Quiz Bowl 5/22/17
There has been some questions in regards to study material for Quiz Bowl the attached document should help clarify.

Quiz Bowl update

Occupationally Related

Career Pathways Showcase 12/20/16
The documents  below will help with preparation for Career Pathways Showcase. There is a scoring criteria as well as updates and set-up instructions.

Career Pathways Showcase updates
Career Pathways Showcase scoring sheet

Customer Service 12/19/16
The document below lists a few minor edits in regards Equipment and Materials needed and a few edits in a procedure.  This will help all participants to properly prepare.

Customer Service changes

First Aid/CPR 3/23/17
In the document below is a clarification on approved certification certificates for First Aid/CPR.

First Aid/CPR

Skilled and Technical 

Additive Manufacturing  5/18/17
SME is providing a certification test as part of the contest and the doument below explains what to prepare for and the process for achieving certification.

Additive Manufacturing certification exam update

There was a change in the competition clothing for Additive Manufacturing either clothing option will be allowed this year.

Additive Manufacturing

Advertising Design 2/3/17
There is an error on the competition clothing requirement in the Technical Standards. The Clothing and Tool App is correct. Both men and women are allowed to wear the White Polo and black pants. See the document below:

Advertising Design

Automated Manufacturing Technology 4/17/17
In order to be prepare for this year’s contest you will need to download the following:

Virtual software for practice
Install CNCMotion for Benchmill 6000

Automotive Refinishing Technology 3/20/17
Below are the Auto Refinishing Instructions, the necessary PowerPoint presentations and the Color Tint worksheets needed to better prepare are for this year’s competitors.

Auto Refinishing Instructions
Color Tinting PowerPoint (English)
Color Tinting PowerPoint (Spanish)
Color Tinting Worksheets

The PDF’s below are for the Featheredge, Prime & Block and the Spot Repair Technical Data Sheets.

Technical Data Sheets

Automotive Service Technology 4/13/17
There was a change in P9 of the workstation  in the document below:

Automotive Service Technology update

Collision Repair Technology 4/10/17
All CRT competitors will not need to bring hammer and dollies for the Metal Repair segment as they will be supplied by the contest.

The document below covers a new demo station that all competitors will try. There is also a change from the Universal Mechanical Measuring system to the Car-O-Tronic. Please review the document for further clarification.

Collision Repair Demo Station

Commercial Baking 4/17/17
The document  below explains the information needed to prepare for Commercial Baking:

Commercial Baking


The document below covers explains a certificate opportunity that you will need to do prior to coming to this year’s NLSC.

HP LIFE certificate

Cosmetology 5/18/17
The PDF below contains the schedule, haircuts and mannequins being used at this years contest:

2017 Cosmetology Instructions and Contest Information

The document below covers explains a certificate opportunity that you will need to do prior to coming to this year’s NLSC.

HP LIFE certificate

Culinary Arts 4/7/17
In the PDF. below are the High School and College/Postsecondary menus, the Mystery Basket for College/Postsecondary and the Sample Common Ingredients.

High School menu
College/Postsecondary menu
Mystery Basket for College/Postsecondary
Sample Common Ingredients

The document below covers explains a certificate opportunity that you will need to do prior to coming to this year’s NLSC.

HP LIFE certificate

Esthetics 3/10/17
The document below clarifies clothing requirements as well as models clothing and preparation requirements.

Esthetics update

There is an error on the clothing requirement for Esthetics both men and women can wear the white polo, black slacks/pants.

This year’s theme is: “Flora and / or Fauna” to utilize nature based concepts of animal or plant life or a combination.

Firefighting 2/16/17
The document below has the changes and additions to this year’s Firefighting Competition:

Firefighting update and changes

Information Technology Services 10/13/16
The document below will help direct you and your competitors in preparing for the 2017 NLSC in Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services

Interactive Application and Game Development 2/9/17
To clarify an error in the technical standards which has been corrected this is a Team of 2. There was a misprint in the description below eligibility but that has since been corrected.

Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technology 10/25/16
There is a change within one of the stations in the MART competition.  The document  below explains the change within the MART Contest.

Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technology

Mobile Robotics Technology 4/21/17
The document below covers important instructions and preparation information in order to  compete at this year’s contest.

Mobile Robotics Technology update

Revision D to the SkillsUSA Mobile Robotics contest. There was a discrepancy with the definition of the scoring zones in section and

Revision D

Below is the 2017 contest project for Mobile Robotics dated 12/28/16 there were a few minor edits to help clarify a few scoring concerns.  

Mobile Robotics project

Below is the 2017 contest project for Mobile Robotics and some additional notes needed to prepare for this year’s NLSC Competition.

Mobile Robotics project
Mobile Robotics notes

Nail Care 3/24/17
The document below covers explains a certificate opportunity that you will need to do prior to coming to this year’s NLSC.

HP LIFE certificate

Restaurant Service 4/19/17
The document below covers the ingredients that you will present for table side service.

Table Side Service

The Word document below includes the 2017 menu and the High School and College/Postsecondary station requirement.

Skills Café menu

Below is the place setting for this year’ s contest.

2017 Restaurant Table Setting 

Robotics and Automation Technology 4/17/17
In order to be prepare for this year’s contest you will need to download the following:

Virtual software for practice
Install Robocell for the Er4U
License: S1E7-JC49-TRR4-CUU8-CU00-UCFK-A75L-CLVZ

The document below covers the computer requirements and software that need to be downloaded prior to this year’s contest.

Robotics and Automation update

Robotics: Urban Search and Rescue 2/24/17
We were recently made aware of the DCD status of the current camera that we include in the TETRIX USAR set is being discontinued. However, any single wireless camera with a power supply of 9V or less can be used. So long as there is only 1 camera on the robot with a power supply of 9V maximum.

Teamworks 3/21/16   
To help be better prepared for this year’s Teamworks competition, the technical committee has provided some advice and a video clip. 

Teamworks letter

Welding 5/5/17

The PDF below is the welding project for this year’s NLSC . It is as shown. Dimensions were not supplied.

2017 Welding project

The document below lists the Welding Source and the filler medals being used at this year’s contest.

Welding 2017

Welding Fabrication 4/24/17
The document below lists some minor changes and additional Information needed for this year’s competitors to better prepare for the contest project.

Welding Fabrication update

Welding Sculpture 12/22/16
There has been a change in the weight of the Welding Sculpture Project. They have reduced the weight from a maximum of  150 lbs. down to 100 lbs.


Humanoid Robotics 3/22/17
The document below covers the changes and the procedure for this year’s contest.

Humanoid Robotics