Contest Updates

SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards

The 2018-2019 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards is the official competition guide for the SkillsUSA Championships and is newly revised. It contains rules for all national events, including an overview, lists of technical skills and knowledge required, clothing requirements, eligibility, and equipment lists. It also lists the embedded academic skills in math, English and science. Rules for state and local events may vary from the national guidelines, but most competitive events are modeled after the national technical standards.

As a free member benefit, SkillsUSA professional members receive the 2018-2019 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards when they have submitted a current and accurate email address with their membership details. The 2018-2019 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards is available online to professional members as part of the paid membership.


General Notes

Contest Scorecards

The official SkillsUSA Championships scorecards are no longer part of the book and electronic copies of the technical standards manual.

They are available here as a download.

Contest Theme

Theme for 2018-19 Announced
The SkillsUSA competition theme is used throughout the year in our membership materials and as the topic for Chapter Display, Prepared Speech and Promotional Bulletin Board competitions at local, state and national levels. The SkillsUSA competition theme for the 2018-19 year is:

SkillsUSA: Champions at Work
Career-Ready Starts Here

Résumé Requirement

All competitors must create a one-page hard copy résumé and submit this to the technical committee chair at the contest orientation. Failure to do so will result in a 10 point penalty. Competitors can bring a résumé to the contest on the day of competition however, the penalty will remain in effect.

Clothing and Tools

SkillsUSA Championships Clothing and Tools App Updated

SkillsUSA has updated the “SkillsUSA: Clothing and Tools” app for 2018. This is a great starter resource that does not replace the SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards but connects users to SkillsUSA’s membership site, where educators can join as professional members to receive the full standards at no charge.

For each contest, the app includes an overview, clothing requirements and eligibility and safety guidelines. It also lists the specific tools, equipment or materials that contestants must provide.

The app is offered free of charge for students, instructors and SkillsUSA business partners and is available now in both the Apple Store: and the Google Play Store: This app was created and sponsored by Pearson (

Contests with Specific Team Members

The contests below are the contests that had a change from various team members to a specific numbers/teams.

All members will be interviewed and or will be taking part in the contest. Some of the Technical Standards may state one member however they will all be scored and questioned to some extent.

American Spirit AM – 3
Chapter Display DIS – 3
Interactive Application and Video Game Development   IAGD – 2
Occupational Health and Safety – Single: OHSS – 3
Occupational Health and Safety – Multiple: OHSM – 3
Outstanding Chapter OUT – 3
Promotional Bulletin Board: BB – 3

Demonstration Contests

Automobile Maintenance and Light Repair (High School only)  10/3/18
The guidelines and technical standards for Maintenance Light Repair are in the PDF below. This will help students and advisors prepare for this contest.

Automobile Maintenance and Light Repair Technical Standards

Barbering 12/10/18

The instructions for the drawing needed for the Barbering competition is on the PDF below.

Barbering Head Sheet

The guidelines and Technical Standards for Barbering are in the PDF below. This will help students and advisors prepare for this contest.

Barbering Technical Standards

Collision Damage Appraisal and Total Loss Evaluation Technology 1/23/19
Please note, in the technical standards for this demo contest they have changed to clothing requirement to white polo and black pants.

Collision Damage Appraisal and Total Loss Evaluation Technology Technical Standards

The guidelines and technical standards for Collision Damage Appraisal are in the PDF bel0w. This will help students and advisors prepare for this contest.

Collision Damage Appraisal Technical Standards

Cyber Security 1/24/19
Below is the scoring rubric for Cyber Security:

Cyber Security Scoring Rubric (Excel)
Cyber Security Scoring Rubric (PDF)

The PDF below is the guidelines for this year’s Cyber Security Contest. Please periodically check the Contest Updates Page for any additional notes or contest guidelines.

Cyber Security guidelines

The PDF below is  the overview for Cyber Security the technical standards and guidelines will be posted when completed and will be dated.

Cyber Security overview


Outstanding Chapter 10/31/18
Please note a revision to the Technical Standards in the Elements and Criteria for Judging, Part 1, Section K: SkillsUSA Career Essentials. If you are a professional member who has already downloaded the 2018-19 Technical Standards, please download this contest again to have the current version.

Promotional Bulletin Board 2/14/19
The team of three (3) will be required during the presentation portion of the contest. All three members should be prepared to speak about the project and answer questions during the Q&A portion.

Occupationally Related

Occupational Health and Safety: Single and Multiple 10/31/18
A demonstration station has been added to this contest for 2019. The station will be a written test that will examine safety categories including: General administration, fall protection, blood-borne pathogens, materials handling – the use of a forklift or crane, PPE, noise awareness, and fire, chemical, ladder, and electrical safety. This demo station will not be part of the contestant’s final score, however these scores will be evaluated in deciding future use of similar tests.

Skilled and Technical 

Automotive Refinishing Technology 9/1/18
To help advisors and competitors better prepare for the Automotive Refinishing contest, the attached information lists the rotation of the paints and companies that will be used for the next two years.

Auto Refinishing Paint Rotation

Cosmetology 2/11/2019
To ensure you have the colors of your choice for your selected hair color technique, please send the selected RUSK hair color that you wish to use at Nationals to Marco Navarra at: by June 1st, 2019. Please be sure to include lightener if you are needing to use this so we can bring the correct amount of tubs.  This will be shared.

A student kit check will be completed during the morning of the practical competition, and is subject to a 30 point deduction to the final score if tools are missing. Kit requirements will be explained thoroughly at orientation the day before to avoid any missing components.

Esthetics 9/14/18
The 2019 SkillsUSA NLSC Esthetics Fantasy Makeup theme is –  Optical Illusion.

Mobile Robotics 1/12/19
To help all understand the scoring for this year’s Mobile Robotics Competition the PDF  below was created:

Mobile Robotics scoring

The PDF below is the 2019 Mobile Robotics Contest Project/Challenge for this year and this should help teams prepare.

Mobile Robotics Project/Challenge

Due to some changes within the technical committee, there have been some updates to the challenge task and the equipment needs in this competition. The PDF below should cover all that is needed to prepare.

Equipment needs for Mobile Robotics

Plumbing 2/11/19
The plumbing technical committee has decided to change the copper joints from soldered to press joints.

The competitors will not have to add anything to their tool list as they will provide the necessary press tools to all competitors

Residential Systems Installation and Maintenance 11/5/18
This contest is now called Internet of Things and Smart Home.

Restaurant Services 11/8/18
This change is to level the requirements for all. There will also be a 1-year grace period to allow everyone time to make the adjustment.

Official SkillsUSA white long-sleeved dress shirt; black dress slacks with belt; plain black tie with no pattern or SkillsUSA black tie; shined, non-skid black leather work shoes with black socks that cover the ankle. Non-bib Bistro aprons are the official apron for food and beverage service and are required. Waiter’s jackets, bow ties, vests, cummerbunds or half aprons are not permitted

Robotics Urban Search and Rescue  2/1/19
The contest name is the same but some modifications within the project and in particular is on page 9 paragraph 2 with information on the weight of what is called the ordinance.

Robotics: Urban Search and Rescue update

Welding Fabrication 12/12/18

Photos from the 2018 Welding Fabrication competition.