Contest Updates

General Notes

The 2021 NLSC Safety, Health, and Integrity Commitment Form. 

This document must be submitted In the Championships Hub by every competitor before their competition date with all applicable required signatures.

Download the form.

NLSC Written Assessment Proctor Policies and Guidance

This document is intended to provide guidance for the proctoring process related to NLSC written assessments. Download it here.

The 2021 NLSC Championships Hub

This Hub will be the location that all contestants will go for their competition information after June 1. This information will include but is not limited to: contest schedules, resumes submission links, online test links, contest projects, etc.

All registered contestants will receive an email on or after May 24 to create their Championships Hub Account. All contestants must have a workable and accessible email account provided in their registration.

2021 NLSC Competition Dates, Materials List and other Contest Information

This can be accessed here.

2021 National Leadership and Skills Conference

Who May Compete at Home Updated 5-12-21

Every effort should be made to provide opportunities for contestants to compete at their school to be appropriately supervised and supported. If a student is competing from home, they cannot receive the technical support they would receive at school.

The structure and design of some of the NLSC competitions are such that students could compete at home if deemed necessary. Below is the complete list of contests where contestants may compete from home.

Leadership Competitions

  • American Spirit
  • Chapter Business Procedure
  • Chapter Display
  • Community Service
  • Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Job Interview
  • Occupation Health and Safety: Single and Multiple
  • Outstanding Chapter
  • Pin Design
  • Prepared Speech
  • Promotional Bulletin Board
  • T-Shirt Design

Occupational Related Competitions

  • Health Occupations Professional Portfolio
  • Medical Math
  • Medical Terminology
  • Related Technical Math

Technical Skill Competitions

  • Welding Sculpture

SkillsUSA requires all other competitions to be on-site to supervise students by school personnel so that technical support can ensure contest integrity and proper supervision ensure students’ safety and health.

Download this information.

Contest Grants and NLSC Scholarship

Be sure to apply for these grants and scholarships available for competitors and NLSC attendees:

  • Carpentry and TeamWorks Competition Support Grant
  • NLSC Career Competition Grant (Provided by Harbor Freight Tools for Schools and the Hope Fund)
  • NLSC Registration Scholarship (Provided by Harbor Freight Tools for Schools and the Hope Fund)

Review requirements and apply online here.

Contest Scorecards

The official SkillsUSA Championships scorecards are no longer part of the book and electronic copies of the technical standards manual.

They are available here as a download.

Contest Theme

The SkillsUSA competition theme for the 2020-21 school year is:

SkillsUSA: Champions at Work, Empowered to Succeed

The topic to be addressed by contestants in the 2021 SkillsUSA Chapter Display, Prepared Speech and Promotional Bulletin Board competitions is our theme, “SkillsUSA: Champions at Work, Empowered to Succeed.”

Within this topic, contestants might illustrate or discuss any of the following:

  1. What does “Empowered to Succeed” mean to you in relation to your career readiness?
  2. How has participating in the SkillsUSA Program of Work empowered you to succeed?
  3. How does the SkillsUSA Framework empower you to succeed?
    • How are you empowered with the personal skills needed for career success
    • How are you empowered with the workplace skills needed for career success?
    • How are you empowered with the technical skills needed for career success?
  1. In what specific ways has SkillsUSA empowered you to be successful in life?
  2. What activities or learning within your career and technical education program have empowered you to succeed?

Download the theme art.

Resume Requirement

All competitors must create a one-page hard copy resume and submit this to the technical committee chair at the contest orientation. Failure to do so will result in a 10 point penalty. Competitors can bring a resume to the contest on the day of competition however, the penalty will remain in effect.

Clothing Clarification

There has been discussion and approval for Barbering, Esthetics and Nail Care and Cosmetology to allow the white polo and black pants. The PDF below should clarify any concerns.

Clothing Clarification

2020-21 Updates


CNC 5-Axis Milling Programmer (Demonstration) 5-14-21

The 2021 update has been released, below:

Commercial sUAS Drone 4-14-21

Drone Contest Information and Preparation Videos: 2021 Skills USA Drone Competition – CrossFlight Sky Solutions Training

Emergency Medical Technician 5-3-21

The following update is available for 2021:

Maintenance Light Repair (Automotive) 5-13-21

Below is the 2021 update:


Opening and Closing Ceremonies 2-8-21

Changes to the National Technical Standards can be found in the document below:

Promotional Bulletin Board 4-15-21

The following update has been released for Promo Bulletin Board:

Quiz Bowl 2-4-21

Buzzin.live will be the buzzer system used for the National Quiz Bowl Competition.

This online buzzer can be set up to run very similar to the in-person system we have used in the Quiz Bowl system for many years.

Occupationally Related

First Aid/CPR 5-18-21

The following update has been released for 2021:

An equipment list is available for the 2021 Virtual First Aid/CPR competition:

Health Knowledge Bowl 1-28-21

There have been some changes to the Technical Standards for Health Knowledge Bowl.

In the Equipment and Materials section

  • Calculator added to the “Supplied by the Team” section.
  • Item “a” has been removed from the “Supplied by the Technical Committee Section of the Standards. “a. A number of sample questions are available for download from the same site from which these guidelines were obtained. These questions and answers are designed to give you examples of the types of questions that will be developed for the actual contest, not as a study guide.”

In the Standards and Competencies section

  • BOWL 3.0 — Has been changed to read:  “Use knowledge gained from reading about current events affecting health care to answer questions regarding systems theory and health care delivery systems”

Previously read:  Use knowledge gained from reading the “Health” section of USA Today concerning current events affecting health care to answer questions regarding

Nurse Assisting 5-19-21

An update has been released for 2021:

Skilled and Technical

Automated Manufacturing Technology 4-20-21

The 2021 update is below:

Automotive Service Technology 5-13-21

The 2021 update is below:

Aviation Maintenance 4-12-21

The following updates have been released for Aviation Maintenance Technology:

Building Maintenance Technology 4-13-21

Below you will find the 2021 contest update for Building Maintenance Technology.

CNC Milling Specialist 5-14-21

The following update is available for CNC Milling:

CNC Turning Specialist 5-14-21

The following update is available for CNC Turning:

CNC Technician 5-14-21

The following update is available for CNC Technician:

Carpentry 5-25-21

An update is now available for the 2021 competition:

Collision Damage Appraisal 4-12-21

For the 2021 we will be using CCCONE Collision Estimating software for the National competition. Schools can arrange to get it for free directly at www.cccis.com.

The software is available for free to almost any technical school, for-profit schools may have to pay for a subscription.

To get the software complete an information request, or call the support team and get information from them. https://cccis.com/support/technical-support/.

Collision Repair Technology 5-25-21

The update for 2021 has been released below:

Commercial Baking 4-27-21

The Commercial Baking menus have been released for 2021:

An update for the Commercial Baking contest is below:

Cosmetology 5-17-21

Pictures of the men’s and women’s haircut.
In previous years the pictures of the haircut have been released early. However, the Technical Committee has made the decision this year not to release them before the event. We made that decision because the purpose of the men’s and women’s haircut is to simulate what happens when a client walks into a salon. They come in with a picture and say, I’d like this haircut, and the stylist has to determine how to make that cut happen. We felt it would be more of a competition to have students do the same thing. We will give them a picture at the competition, and they will have to recreate it.

The Uniform Layered Cut. 
We have never released a picture of this cut. It is a technical 90-degree cut. The key to this cut is for the students to follow the directions in the Cosmetology Standards. We have made a video this year to help the advisors out. This link should allow you to download it: https://skillsusa.egnyte.com/dl/ia55yGnxOj

Hair color. 
At past events, the Technical Committee would provide the color line and asked the contestants to pick the colors they wish to use. However, since we are virtual this year, we felt that it would be easier for the students to choose and use whatever color they want. The only requirements are they must use at least one color; color should complement the long hair design; applied by bowl and brush or bottle application. They can use lightener. The have one hour to complete the color application. These details are in the Cosmetology Directions.

Crime Scene Investigation 5-18-21

An update for 2021 is below:

Criminal Justice 5-18-21

The 2021 update is below:

Culinary Arts 4-19-21

The following downloads are available for the Culinary Arts competition:

Cyber Security 4-16-21

The following update was released for Cyber Security:

Electrical Construction Wiring 5-25-21

The following lists are available for Electrical Construction Wiring:

Electronics Technology Update 4-27-21

The following updates have been released for Electronics Technology:

Engineering Technology and Design 4-21-21

PowerPoint or Prezi type presentations will be allowed in lieu of a storyboard. Teams have the option of using the storyboard or a digital format like PowerPoint for their presentation.

Esthetics 10-14-20
The 2021 Esthetics Competition theme is “Carnival.”

Firefighting 4-8-21

Demonstration Video showing stations and task contestants will be performing: https://bit.ly/3t7cE2v.

Download the full update below:

Graphic Communications 5-10-21

The update for 2021 is below:

Graphic Imaging Sublimation 5-3-21

The update for 2021 is below:

Industrial Motor Control 4-30-21

The following update is available for 2021:

Internet of Things and Smart Home 5-21-21

Below is the 2021 update:

Marine Service Technology 5-4-21

The following update is now available:

Masonry 5-3-21

The following update has been released for 2021:

Mechatronics 3-31-21

An update is available below:

Medical Assisting 4-28-21

The following update has been released for Medical Assisting:

Mobile Electronics Installation 5-18-21

The contest schedule has been released:

The 2021 materials and supplies list is below:

Mobile Robotics Technology 1-4-21

Below are the game manuals for each division for Mobile Robotics Technology:

Motorcycle Services Technology 4-13-21

The following update is available for the Motorcycle Services Technology competition:

Nail Care 4-29-21

The following update has been released for 2021:

Photography 4-15-21

The following update has been released:

Pin Design 4-6-21

The following updates have been released for the Pin Design competition:

  1. Artwork must be postmarked by:  Friday, May 28, 2021 – 5 p.m.  Hard copy of contestants artwork and resume must be mailed by the US Postal Service priority mail to:
    Pin Design Contest- Contestant State _____ and HS or PS or MS, (circle one)
    438 Water Street, Otsego, MI  49078
  2. Orientation Meeting – June 1 at 10 a.m. ET, and 2 p.m. ET.Interviews for the top 10 finalists – Tuesday, June 15, 2021 Finalists will be notified by email as soon as preliminary judging is completed.We will be judging the artwork based on the submission mailed in to the judges. The top 10 submissions In HS, PS, MS will be invited to the final judging round on June 15th.  On the 15th finalists will have a 5–7-minute presentation to the judging team. Your presentation will be judged based on the criteria for the presentation in the technical standards. You may create visual aids to assist in your presentation. If you do use a slide show on a computer, you will be presenting with the computer beside you while you present. Posters, notebooks, other visual aids that will make your presentation clearer for the judges are recommended but not mandatory. The judges will be asking you questions, which are also part of the judging.
  3. No Table Top displays are required for this year’s event.

Plumbing 5-20-21

The 2021 NLSC Plumbing platform material list has been released:

1- 4″ x 4″ x 12′ = (Four– 4” x 4” x 36” legs)
4 – 2″ x 6″ x 10′ = (Four – 2″ x 6″ x 4″ frames) and (Six – 2″ x 6″ x 33″ frames)
1 – 3/4″ 3′ x 4′ plywood (floor)
1 – box of drywall screws

Platform Drawing will follow later, closer to the contest date.

Residential and Commercial Appliance Technology (formerly known as Major Appliance and Refrigeration Technology) 1-27-21

Below is the virtual update for the Residential and Commercial Appliance Technology for 2021.

Restaurant Service 5-26-21

The following update is available for College/Postsecondary competitors:


The following update has been released for the Restaurant Service competition:

Robotics Urban Search and Rescue 2-2-21

Screen Printing Technology 4-21-21

The 2021 update is below:

Sheet Metal 4-15-21

The following update has been release for Sheet Metal:

T-shirt Design 4-9-21

The update for the 2021 contest can before found below:

Team Engineering Challenge (Middle School) 5-4-21

Three 2x4x8’s (lumber) to build the test contraption, all other hardware and supplies will be shipped.

Welcome and Information video from your competition chairs.

List of Materials needed:

Three 2x4x8’s (lumber) to build the test contraption, all other hardware and supplies will be shipped to the competing schools.

TeamWorks 5-4-21

The following update has been released:


The following update is available for TeamWorks:

Technical Computer Applications 4-6-21

  • Contestant must have a computer/laptop manufactured within the last 24 months.
  • Virtualization software such as VMware Player or VirtualBox
  • The latest releasees of VMware Horizon and AWS Workspace Software from http://tcanationals.com/software.

Welding 4-20-21

The following update is available for the Welding competition:

Welding Fabrication 4-12-21

Below is the Welding Fabrication update for 2021: