Attracting the Next Generation Workforce Research Paper

Attracting the Next Generation Workforce Research Paper

We’re excited to share some new research with you on the value of SkillsUSA programs within the career and technical education programs we serve. Attracting the Next Generation Workforce: The Role of Career and Technical Education was written by the Manufacturing Institute (MI) based on surveys conducted by the Educational Research Center of America (ERCA) in collaboration with SkillsUSA and MI.

We appreciate the SkillsUSA instructors who took time to be involved in this research. This validated study lends extra credibility to the good work we are doing within SkillsUSA. As a non-profit it would be expensive and difficult for us to conduct this research without partners like ERCA and The Manufacturing Institute.

The purpose of the survey was to inspire dialogue between parents, educators, counselors and CTE students in order to better align programs and prepare students for future careers. Many chapters in your state may have already participated in this project. The first survey was conducted in classrooms nationwide between March and May 2015. In total, 23,086 high school students and 747 high school teachers responded. Students participating in the survey were enrolled in at least one CTE program of study.

This fall, SkillsUSA is continuing the collaboration with ERCA and The Manufacturing Institute with high-school CTE students and of health sciences students. One packet with survey forms for teachers and students entitled The Research Consortium on CTE Pathways was sent to high-school CTE teachers, including SkillsUSA instructors. A different survey entitled Research Consortium on Health/Science Careers was sent to high-school biology and health sciences teachers, including SkillsUSA health sciences instructors. The second survey packet is a collaboration among ERCA, the National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) and SkillsUSA.

Note: students who participate in the research may receive information from colleges, universities or other postsecondary institutions, or information about postsecondary scholarship opportunities.

If you want to be included in survey mailings, send your name, high school name and mailing address to info@studentresearch.org. Put the words “CTE Career Survey” or “Health/Science Survey” in the subject line to make sure you’re on the list.

Feel free to use these research findings in your own work. Below is a link to the full research report and you will see SkillsUSA’s logo right on the front: www.themanufacturinginstitute.org/Research/Other-Institute-Reports/Other-Institute-Reports.aspx