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National middle school gold medalists at the 2015 National Leadership and Skills Conference

Interest in SkillsUSA is growing rapidly in the middle-school community, and activities at the middle-school level have been proven to be very successful. A Guide to SkillsUSA in Middle Schools has been developed to assist middle-school teachers and students.

Connect with your state director first to determine if your state is accepting middle school membership.

Exploring Possibilities, Building Success

Everything you need for your journey to starting a SkillsUSA middle-school chapter is here:


National middle school silver medalists at the 2015 National Leadership and Skills Conference

Steps to Establishing a Successful Middle-School Chapter

Step 1 – Secure support from your school administrator.

Step 2 – Connect to your state SkillsUSA director.

Step 3 – Incorporate SkillsUSA into your classroom.

Step 4 – Create excitement and awareness by showing students the SkillsUSA kickoff video.

Step 5 – Select your first meeting date and advertise the meeting.

Step 6 – Hold officer elections, select committee chairs, and dive into the program of work.

Step 7 – Introduce the Chapter Excellence Program

Step 8 – Show the SkillsUSA membership PowerPoint presentation during an open house, faculty meeting or parent orientation.

Step 9 – Include administration in your early chapter success.

Step 10 – Register yourself and your students as members of SkillsUSA!