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Alumni Pin Design Winner

Congratulations to Heather Brown, this year’s winner of the SkillsUSA Alumni Pin Design Challenge. She is an advertising design instructor and SkillsUSA advisor at A.W. Beattie Career Center in Allison… Read More

Alumni Volunteers Needed for Nationals

We are seeking dedicated individuals to assist with the National Leadership and Skills Conference. Alumni who volunteer daily at NLSC may have their conference registration fees waived. See the full application… Read More

Alumni Start Up/Project Grant Winners

Congratulations go to SkillsUSA Oregon, who has been awarded the 2016-2017 Alumni Startup/Project Grants. SkillsUSA Oregon is planning great alumni events that will bring together alumni and friends and create… Read More

SkillsUSA Alumni Newsletter: October 2016

The October edition of the SkillsUSA Alumni and Friends newsletter has been published and emailed to all subscribers. You can read it here. If you’d like to subscribe to receive future issues… Read More

New Alumni Career Resources

We're proud to announce a new partnership with Cengage Learning to offer SkillsUSA Alumni access to valuable tools and resources for their careers. Whether it is a short course on Leadership… Read More

SkillsUSA Alumni News: October 2015

Welcome, SkillsUSA Alumni and Friends! By now, students and instructors have settled into the 2015-2016 school year. That is good news for alumni, because now is a prime time to seek… Read More