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Home > You searched for membership kit Resources From our annual membership kit to our press room, from our public Brand Portal to our industry-validated educational materials, SkillsUSA provides a wealth of resources for members and non-members alike to stay informed, connected and empowered to succeed. Resources for Members and Chapters SkillsUSA members receive access to a variety of resources and opportunities to help them learn, grow and succeed. SkillsUSA Membership Kit Scholarships and Grants... Read More


Home > You searched for membership kit Programs SkillsUSA is the foundation for student success, both personally and professionally. Our programs are designed to support local chapters every step of the way as members integrate our Program of Work and SkillsUSA Framework into their classroom curriculum, support their communities and help each other grow in life-defining ways. Building Strong SkillsUSA Chapters SkillsUSA develops the tools our members need to build strong, vibrant and thriving chapters that inspire success. SkillsUSA Program of Work... Read More

Scholarships and Grants

Home > You searched for membership kit Scholarships and Grants Exclusive Opportunities for SkillsUSA Members On This Page Scholarships Overview One of the benefits of SkillsUSA membership is the opportunity to apply for scholarships available only to SkillsUSA members. During the 2022-23 school year, approximately $1 million in annual scholarships were awarded to SkillsUSA high school and college/postsecondary members to offset the cost of postsecondary education and training. Additionally, multiple scholarships were awarded to offset... Read More

Press Room

Home > You searched for membership kit Press Room The SkillsUSA Press Room is a useful resource for the media, members and partners to find background information about SkillsUSA, current and archived press releases and a news feed from across the nation. Download the SkillsUSA membership report, locate the SkillsUSA press release boilerplate, find infographics or research reports and other helpful background information about SkillsUSA and CTE. We hope our newsroom is a valuable asset to your work, and you are welcome to use and share all resources on this page. April... Read More