Membership FAQ


Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about submitting SkillsUSA membership dues:

Who must pay membership dues?

All SkillsUSA members, including professional members, must pay membership dues.

What are the dues and deadline for my state?

See the list of state deadlines, fees and contact information. Your state advisor can also provide information on all upcoming state leadership and skill events.

What is the national membership deadline?

Membership must be submitted by March 1 for students to be eligible for national competition, run for national office or serve as a voting delegate. Competing at the state level is a prerequisite for national competition, so you must also meet your state deadline.

Can I join as a member after the deadline?

SkillsUSA will continue to accept membership after the March 1 national deadline. The March 1 national deadline must be met by students who are competing or running for office at the national level.

If I use a purchase order, where is my invoice?

If you use a purchase order for membership dues, the SkillsUSA online registration system will automatically populate the invoice which is then available for immediate printing.

What form of payments are accepted for membership?
  • Credit Card
  • Check
  • Purchase Order – Purchase order number required at time of purchase
  • Electronic Bank Transfers
Can dues be refunded or transferred?

Substitution of student memberships is not allowed. You may not drop one student from the membership roster and replace that student with another.

Dues cannot be refunded or transferred.

How many training programs should a chapter have?

Create multiple training programs for each career and technical education program in your school. A training program consists of all students taught by a single instructor in one occupational area or program within your school. Together, these training programs make up the school chapter.

Can I continue to add student members to my training program throughout the year?

Yes, to add additional students to your training program simply return to the online membership site and register your additional members.  An invoice will be generated each time members are joined.

Who can participate in SkillsUSA competitions?

SkillsUSA competitions begin at the local level and progress to the state and national levels. Students may compete at the state level if they are registered SkillsUSA members enrolled in an approved training program and who meet all contest requirements. Students must be paid members, state first-place winners and approved by their state association director to compete at the national level.

Should all SkillsUSA advisors join as professional members?

All advisors and school administrators should join as professional members in order to receive access to the online professional member resources, benefits and organizational notifications.

What does the term "100 percent membership" mean?

The term 100 percent membership means that all students enrolled in your training program are national- and state-dues-paying members of SkillsUSA.

I am a new SkillsUSA advisor. Help!

SkillsUSA publications cover programs, competition regulations, national conference and other activities. Your state office can provide information on state activities and upon request, assign an experienced advisor as your mentor for the first year. Phone numbers for all state offices are listed here.

The SkillsUSA Membership Kit will assist you in establishing, managing and growing your chapter – Online Membership Kit.

SkillsUSA Educational Resources products are available to assist you in ensuring that students get the most out of their SkillsUSA experience. For posters, classroom activities, contest coaching guides and more, go to: www.skillsusa.org/store/.

One of the best resources for you is your state association director.  You can contact the state office and be put on the mailing list to learn about state activities such as Fall Leadership Conferences or State Championships. State Office.

Reach out to the membership line at 844-875-4557 or email customercare@skillsusa.org for assistance in establishing your chapter.

Who do I call if I have questions on membership?

Call the membership line at 844-875-4557. You may send questions by email to customercare@skillsusa.org.

Where do I send payments?

MEMBERSHIP DUES:  Mail a copy of your invoice and membership dues to:

SkillsUSA Inc.
ATTN:  Membership
14001 SkillsUSA Way
Leesburg, VA  20176

LOCAL and STATE EVENT PAYMENTS – Mail a copy of your invoice and payment to your  State Office.