President’s Volunteer Service Award


PLEASE READ: SkillsUSA is one of thousands of certifying organizations that participate in the national PVSA program, which is administered by Americorps and Point of Light Foundation. SkillsUSA can only process applications of students who enrolled in a SkillsUSA classroom as part of a CTE class at their middle school, high school, or college. The information on this webpage is for SkillsUSA students, advisors, and state directors only. Only the applications of registered, active SkillsUSA students will be processed by SkillsUSA.

If you are a volunteer, but you do not belong to a SkillsUSA chapter as part of your middle school, high school, or college, visit the official PVSA website for more information: https://presidentialserviceawards.gov/.

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) is a national honor offered in recognition of sustained volunteer service. The President’s Volunteer Service Award recognizes hours served over a 12-month period. As a certifying organization of the PVSA, SkillsUSA members may apply to receive the PVSA through the SkillsUSA national office. Recipients receive:

  • an official lapel pin reflecting the Bronze, Silver, or Gold service level.
  • a personalized certificate of achievement.
  • a congratulatory letter from the President of the United States.

PVSA recipients will be recognized by a national audience during the Awards and Recognition Ceremony at the 2023 National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC) in Atlanta, Georgia in June. PVSA recipients frequently include this honor on their resume and on college, scholarship, and job applications!

Award Levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold
Individual active SkillsUSA members (students) as well as SkillsUSA Chapters may apply to receive the PVSA. Award levels are determined by two criteria: the number of hours served, and the student’s age as detailed in the chart below. SkillsUSA Chapter award levels are determined via the “Families & Groups” criteria in the chart below.


Awards Levels – Service Benchmark

* The age category is determined by the age the student was for at least 7 months within the calendar year. For example, if the student was 16 for seven (7) months within the year in question, that person would qualify within the 16-25 age group.  

The application deadline for the 2022-2023 year is March 31, 2023 at 11:59 PM EST.

SkillsUSA Chapters may apply for the PVSA here:

Individual SkillsUSA student members may apply for the PVSA here:

Required Application Criteria:

  • Applications must be complete and include all required documentation in a legible format.
  • Applications must include proof of current SkillsUSA membership. Acceptable documentation includes:
    • SkillsUSA member card (current membership year).
    • SkillsUSA chapter roster with name(s) of applicant(s) highlighted.
  • In 2022-2023, the SkillsUSA’s PVSA application is moving to a digital format. Faxed, mailed, and emailed entries will not be processed.
  • All applications must include proof of current SkillsUSA membership.
    • For individual applicants: Acceptable documents include a SkillsUSA membership card or the student’s name indicated on the SkillsUSA Chapter Roster.
    • For chapter applications: Acceptable documents include a SkillsUSA Chapter Roster with the names of all student-volunteers indicated.
  • All applications must include a volunteer service log (individual award) or timesheet (chapter award) that details:
    • Each date the applicant performed volunteer service, including location of service.
    • The total number of hours for each date of volunteer service reported on the volunteer service log/timesheet.
    • If submitting a chapter award, no more than fifty (50) volunteers may contribute hours towards a chapter award.
  • The application requires a letter (from each organization that appears on the applicant’s service log or time sheet) verifying the applicant’s volunteer service hours signed by a representative of the organization for which volunteer service was performed. The letter must:
    • Be typed on the organization’s letterhead.
    • Name the applicant.
    • Include the applicant’s term of service and total hours contributed to the organization.
      Example: “This letter is to certify that ____________ performed ___ hours of service for Organization Name between the dates of ______ and _______.”
  • The application (both individuals and chapters) must include a Letter of Nomination from a SkillsUSA advisor, instructor, or SkillsUSA state director on official letterhead. The letter must be on organizational letterhead and certify that the student-applicant has performed the necessary volunteer hours to be considered for the PVSA.


  • If volunteer service involved travel or overnight stay(s), time spent driving/sleeping/off duty are not to be included as service hours towards the PVSA.
  • Students whose volunteer service hours are being counted towards a chapter award cannot also apply for an individual award.
  • Hours served fulfilling responsibilities as a SkillsUSA local, state, or national officer are not to be included as service hours towards the PVSA.
  • SkillsUSA is both ethically and legally bound to honor the service hour and award levels as set forth by the PVSA. Missing data (example: claimed volunteer hours not reflected on time sheet) or unverified data (example: nomination or verification letter on non-letterhead) may result in rejection of the application, or receipt of the PVSA at a lower award level, as only service hours that are appropriately documented and verified will be counted. Before submitting the application, ensure that all data is correct, fully documented, and verified.

If you have additional questions:

SkillsUSA members, advisors and state directors:
Contact Megan Flinn at mflinn@skillsusa.org

All others interested in the PVSA should visit the PVSA website at: https://presidentialserviceawards.gov/.

2022 Recipients

The following people have qualified to receive the President’s Service Award for 2022:


Paradise Valley High School
Tej Desai
Atharva Goel

River Valley High School
Avalon Alexander
Brayden Lott
Kevin Guenther
Zachariah Morse

Valley Academy for Career and Technology Education *Chapter Award


California Virtual Academies
Lance Mathis

Columbus High School
Richard Carlos

Dinuba High School *Chapter Award

Downey High School
Alexander Ortez
Breanna Gaitan
Britney Ibarra
Caleb Verstegen
Camila Miranda
Celeste Corral
Christopher Storey
Edgar Flores
Elaine Barraza
Erick Felix, Jr.
Fidelia Rosales
Hailey Lutz
Helen Muro
Hunter Verstegen
Isabella De Lira
Karla Ramirez
Martin Poot
Melisa Martinez
Michael Vazquez
Savannah Fischer


Gwinnett Technical College *Chapter Award


Blackstone Valley Regional Technical Vocational School *Chapter Award

Blackstone Valley Regional Technical Vocational School
Hunter Claflin

Blue Hills Regional Technical School
Kayla Anastasio

Cape Cod Regional Technical Vocational School
Alyssa Bach
Etzer Lindor
Molly Cadigan
Ryan Hollis
Shannen Hardy
Sophia Dolan

Greater New Bedford Regional Technical Vocational School
Kara Koska

Lynn Vocational Technical Institute
Angelis Amaro

Lynn Vocational Technical Institute *Chapter Award

Old Colony Regional Technical Vocational School
Ariana Besse
Mary Quin

Upper Cape Technical High School
Ronan Gleason


Pinecrest Academy Cadence
Colton Maxson

New Jersey

Bergen County Academies *Chapter Award

Cumberland County Technical Education Center
Michael Deem Jr.

Somerset County Academy for Health and Medical Sciences
Daisy Dong
Jessy Dong

Sussex County Technical School
Abigail Oras

New York

Thomas A. Edison Career Technical High School *Chapter Award

Ulster Vo Tech *Chapter Award


Penta Career Center
Andres (A.J.) Ybarra, Jr.

Sentinel Career and Technology Center (Public Safety) *Chapter Award

Upper Valley Career Center
Quinci Voisard


State College Area High School
Aaron Chen
Tiffany Chen


Melissa High School
Ira Roy


Lakeview Technology Academy
Shu Lan Schaut