National Education Team

The National Education Team (NET) assists the national technical committees in conducting and managing the SkillsUSA Championships and communicates to advisors the industry expectations for the quality of instruction and professional development in occupational areas represented in the SkillsUSA Championships. NET members may also be called upon throughout the year for their insights and expertise. Click on the National Education Team Policy from this website to review the roles and responsibilities.

Please note: The SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC) is always held the last full week in June. Individuals selected for the National Education Team shall not have student supervisory responsibilities during the NLSC.

Qualifications for Appointment

  1. Must be a current paid professional member of SkillsUSA and be a current or retired educator who is skilled in the subject matter area of the assignment.
  2. Must be willing to follow the leadership of the technical committee or conference committee and complete the requested assignments in an orderly and congenial manner to ensure the success of the SkillsUSA Championships.
  3. Must be committed to improving communications between instructors, technical committees, state association directors, and state departments of education for the purpose of improving instruction and job readiness.
  4. Must have financial support. Some expenses may be reimbursed through a National Education Team Stipend.
  5. This NET stipend availability and amount are contingent upon funds raised by SkillsUSA and are not guaranteed in any year. The NLSC registration fee will be waived for registered NET members.
  6. The NLSC registration fee will be waived for registered NET members, providing that they are also NOT attending the NLSC as a registered advisor from a school/chapter.

Nomination Process

  1. No nominations will be considered without the recommendation of the SkillsUSA state director and local administrator. No NET member will be appointed to a contest unless there is a need or request from a Technical Committee. They also should be active within their State Conferences events and will be removed from a committee if there is a conflict of interest or non-performance. Further they are required to be active, paid members of the SkillsUSA state and national association.
  2. SkillsUSA state association directors may send application details to selected teachers and/or administrators. Teachers and administrators may also download the nomination form from this web site, complete all necessary information and, with the letter of support from a local/district administrator (retired educators do not need approval of a local/district administrator on the application), forward the nomination form and letter of support to the state association director.
  3. The state association director will review the applicant’s qualifications and signify endorsement of the nominee by signing off and dating the nomination form.
  4. The endorsed nomination form, letter of support, and your online application should be submitted at: National Education Team Application
  5. The SkillsUSA national staff and appropriate national technical committee chairs will review nominations.
  6. The SkillsUSA national headquarters will notify the educators selected and state association directors when they have been selected.