National Education Team

The National Education Team (NET) is a group of educators supporting our competition events.

The National Education Team (NET) (a) assists the national technical committees in conducting and managing the SkillsUSA Championships and (b) communicates to advisors the industry expectations for the quality of instruction and professional development in occupational areas represented in the SkillsUSA Championships. NET members may also be called upon throughout the year for their insights and expertise.

The number of NET members assigned to a contest or conference committee will be determined by the contest committee chair or the conference committee chair. Each contest or conference committee will select an NET chair to coordinate the activities of its NET members. That NET chair will work directly with their contest or conference committee chair.

State associations may nominate educators and administrators who are current active and paid professional members of SkillsUSA in the trade area assigned to contest or conference committees.

NET members will be appointed to three-year terms. Appointments must have the approval of the state association director, local/district administration, the national technical committee chair and the SkillsUSA national office. NET members are eligible to reapply at the conclusion of each three-year term. They may also be removed from a contest due to potential appearance of conflict of interest.  Retired educators do not need approval of a local/district administrator on the application.

Attendance at SkillsUSA’s National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC) is mandatory. NET members must work with their designated contest or conference committee for a period of time as set by the contest committee chair or the conference committee chair.

NET members must register for NLSC as an NET member through the appropriate conference registration system. NET members must clock in and out each day. Additionally, NET members must be available to assist at their state-level conferences as needed.

Failure to attend the national championships will be cause for removal from NET status.

Skill Contests
Leadership Contests
Occupationally Related Contests
Demonstration Contests
Conference Management Committees

Please note: The National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC) is always the last full week in June.

Responsibilities of the NET member will include the following:

  1. Suggest areas of need for industry update seminars at state and national SkillsUSA conferences.
  2. Following the NLSC, submit a list of three to five criteria that would assist teachers in better preparing student contestants for the competition. Submissions will come from NET contest chairs. They will be forwarded to the director of the SkillsUSA Championships for posting on the national website.
  3. Assist in identifying other organizations and potential sources of materials and equipment that can support the contest or committee.
  4. Provide assistance as needed in setting up and tearing down the contest area under direct supervision of the technical committee for the contest.
  5. Explore ways to make the contest more effective at local and state levels by securing industry’s help.
  6. Attend the technical committee critique or debriefing of the contest.
  7. Work with the state association to promote increased SkillsUSA participation and membership at the local and state levels.
  8. Assist in other areas as determined by the technical committee.

(NOTE: Individuals selected for the National Education Team should not have student supervisory responsibilities during the NLSC.)

Committee members will not:

  1. Be involved in the preparation of the contest projects to be used in the SkillsUSA Championships or have specific knowledge of the projects.
  2. Participate in the contestant orientation meeting or administer any written test.
  3. Have direct contact with a competitor from their school or state during the contest.
  4. Serve as judges, except in selected leadership contests.
  5. Serve on the contest committee if they have a contestant from their school competing in that contest at the Championships. Such NET members may serve on a 2nd or 3rd choice contest or committee when this situation exists. Or, they may sit out a year of eligibility for NET while accompanying such contestant(s) to the NLSC. It is the responsibility of the NET member to notify the program director of the SkillsUSA Championships of the above situation by June 1. The director will work with the NET member to provide access to the 2nd and 3rd choice contest or committee chair. 

Qualifications for appointment:

  1. Must be a current active instructor and paid professional member of SkillsUSA and be skilled in the subject matter area of the assignment.
  2. Must be willing to follow the leadership of the technical committee or conference committee and complete the requested assignments in an orderly and congenial manner to ensure the success of the SkillsUSA Championships
  3. Must be committed to improving communications between instructors, technical committees, state association directors, and state departments of education for the purpose of improving instruction and job readiness.
  4. Must have financial support. Some expenses may be reimbursed through a National Education Team Stipend.
  5. This NET stipend availability and amount are contingent upon funds raised in the SkillsUSA Foundation and are not guaranteed in any year. The NLSC registration fee will be waived for registered NET members.

Nomination process:

  1. No nominations will be considered without the recommendation of the SkillsUSA state director and local administrator. No NET member will be appointed to a contest unless there is a need or request from a Technical Committee. Retired educators do not need approval of a local/district administrator on the application.
  2. SkillsUSA state association directors may send applications to selected teachers and/or administrators. Teachers and administrators may also download the nomination form from this web site: www.skillsusa.org/competitions/skillsusa-championships/national-education-team/ complete all necessary information and, with the letter of support from a local/district administrator (retired educators do not need approval of a local/district administrator on the application), forward the application to the state association director.
  3. The state association director will review the application and signify endorsement of the nominee by signing off and dating the application.
  4. The endorsed application should be mailed or faxed to the SkillsUSA Championships Office. Mail the packet to Darren Gibson, Program Director, Career Competition Events, SkillsUSA 14001 SkillsUSA Way Leesburg, VA 20176. The FAX number is 703-777-8999.
  5. The SkillsUSA national staff and appropriate national technical committee chairs will review nominations.
  6. The SkillsUSA national headquarters will notify the educators selected.

Addition Information:

  1. Once an NET is approved they will receive notification from the Championships director and the necessary technical committee chair will also be notified.
  2. The Director of the Championships may remove an NET from a contest if there is a potential for a conflict of interest or there is concern on performance.
  3. No stipend will be issued after September 1.
  4. It is imperative that the NET fill out the correct forms and properly register for NLSC to receive the potential stipend.
  5. The NET will be tested on his/her knowledge of their NET duties prior to being approved.