President’s Volunteer Service Award

PVSA Service usually springs from selflessness, but the president of the United States wants to recognize volunteers just the same. That’s why the Presidential Volunteer Service Award was created, a national honor offered in recognition of sustained service.

Recipients can receive an official lapel pin, personalized certificate of achievement, and a congratulatory letter from the president.

SkillsUSA Requirements and Submission Items for the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)



Deadline: Applications must be received (not postmarked) by April 1.

Materials must be sent as one complete package and received (not postmarked) no later than April 1. No exceptions will be made.

Emailed or faxed entries will not be accepted. Do not send incomplete submissions.

To qualify to receive the PVSA from SkillsUSA in June 2016, candidates must have performed hours within a single consecutive 12-month period. Hours prior to January 1, 2015, do not apply unless you are submitting for the Lifetime Award.

  • Coversheet for individual
    • your name
    • age
    • home address
    • total hours
    • school
    • chapter advisor’s name
    • school address
    • advisor’s email address

TEAM AWARDS: For team awards include on the coversheet the total number of people on the team and a team name for the certificates. Team is defined as 2-50 people. Maximum number of people on a team is 50. (See below.)

      • If you are submitting hours as part of a team, you cannot apply for an individual award.
      • If you are submitting hours as an individual, you cannot be part of a team award.
  • Candidates must submit a documented record of volunteer activities and hours served. This record of service may be a diary, calendar or timesheet.
  • If your service involved over night stays, such as volunteering at a summer camp, only direct contact hours/hours on task may be counted. (Sleeping hours do not count.)
  • Your time log must reflect each day you volunteered and the hours served on those days. Range of dates with total hours are not acceptable. For example: February 1-15, 2014, 40 hours or June 2014-March 2015, 200 hours.
  • Hours served fulfilling your responsibilities as a local, state or national officer do not count for the PVSA (volunteer activities performed while an officer are acceptable).
  • A letter from every agency, organization, school, church, etc., (on their letterhead) where you volunteered must accompany your time sheet and be signed by an agency representative verifying your hours. Verifying letters must be on the organization’s letterhead.
  • Candidates must submit a letter of nomination from one of the following: the direct supervisor/agency representative working with the candidate, a school administrator, school SkillsUSA advisor or SkillsUSA state director.
  • Proof of SkillsUSA membership must be submitted. Proof of membership can be a copy of a membership roster, your membership card, a certificate or verification from your school SkillsUSA advisor or state director.
  • Candidates must meet the number of hours designated by the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. (See below.)
  • To qualify to receive the PVSA from SkillsUSA in June 2016, candidates must have performed hours within a single 12-month period. Hours prior to January 1, 2015, do not apply unless you are submitting for the Lifetime Award.

Once the documentation is received (not postmarked) by April 1, SkillsUSA will verify all records and confirm that the candidate has completed the number of service hours in good standing as required to earn a President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Mail entries to:

Heidi Walsh
14001 SkillsUSA Way
Leesburg, VA 20176

Entries must be received by April 1.

For questions, call: 703-737-0615; or email:

More information about the President’s Volunteer Service Award Program is available at:

Service Hours Requirements

(any consecutive 12 months between Jan. 1, 2015 and March 31, 2016)

Young Adults (Ages 16 to 25)
100 to 174 hours (Bronze)
175 to 249 hours (Silver)
250 hours or more (Gold)
4,000 hours or more of volunteer service (over a lifetime)

Adults (26 and older)
100 to 249 hours (Bronze)
250 to 499 hours (Silver)
500 hours or more (Gold)
4,000 hours or more of volunteer service (over a lifetime)

Families and Groups (two to 50 people)*
200 to 499 hours (Bronze)
500 to 999 hours (Silver)
1000 hours or more (Gold)

* In families and groups, each member contributing to the total number of hours must have served 25 hours or more.

2015 Recipients

The following people have qualified to receive the President’s Service Award for 2015:


Kokfa High School
Yuneisy Camacho (Silver)
Alissa Dunkel (Bronze)
Tristan Giles (Bronze)
Aimee Graham (Bronze)
Eydi Padilla (Silver)

River Valley High School
Morgan Davis (Gold)
Steven Faatz (Gold)
Andrew Glomb (Gold)


Downey High School
Rajdeep Badesha (Gold)
Ivette Baez (Gold)
Vanessa Chavarria (Gold)
Analicia Cabrera (Silver)
Amy Crowell (Bronze)
Carlos Garcia (Silver)
Madison Godinez (Gold)
Cynthia Gomez (Gold)
Ericka Gomez (Gold)
Kennedy Gonzalez (Gold)
Adam Hernandez (Gold)
Vanessa Johnson (Gold)
Breanna Martinez (Silver)
Mary Martinez (Gold)
Tatiana Morales (Gold)
Jennifer Munoz (Bronze)
Miriam Melecio Moreno (Gold)
Alicia Ortiz (Silver)
Leslie Payan (Gold)
Gabriela Ramos (Silver)
Priscilla Romero (Gold)
Leslie Ruiz (Gold)
Lucky Sarei (Silver)
Isabel Soto (Silver)
Jessica Young (Gold)

La Mirada High School
Jocelyn Garcia (Gold)
Vanessa Lechuga (Gold)
Esther Lee (Gold)
Nicole Lim (Gold)
Dalia Nute (Gold)
Eduviges Ornelas (Gold)

Valley Charter High School
Tina Collier (Gold)
Gerardo Madrigal (Gold)
Alexis Madrigal (Gold)
Jose Reyes (Gold)
Halee Smith (Bronze)
Silas Velador (Gold)


Jordan Vocational High School
Sean Nicolas Hall (Gold)

Rockdale Career Academy
Lilia Perju (Gold)


Admiral Arthur W. Radford High School
Jordan Abanto (Bronze)
Lane Yokoyama (Gold)


College of Western Idaho
Lisa Ann Webb (Gold)


College of Lake County
Brandon Fuchs (Gold)

Downers Grove South High School
April Wendling (Bronze)


SkillsUSA Massachusetts
George Michael Barber (Bronze)
Issac Cardoso (Bronze)
Samantha Dorwin (Silver)
Laura Elisabeth Heritage (Bronze)
Lauren Liscio (Bronze)
Ashley Mello (Silver)
Angelina Ruth Spanks (Bronze)
Corey Teves (Gold)

Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School
Carson Hope (Bronze)

Lynn Vocational Technical Institute
Nelson Barrios (Silver)
Kevin Gomes (Silver)

Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical High School
Cassandra Campbell (Gold)
Taryn Swan (Gold) 


Tartan High School
Jessica Anderson (Gold)
Courtney Merth (Bronze)
Megan Schuldt (Silver)
Nicole Villneauve (Silver)

New Jersey

Academy for Health and Medical Sciences
Saloni Lad (Gold)

Bergen County Academies
Ashley Lee (Bronze) 


Penta Career Center
Nelson Deschamps (Gold)
Jonathan Faneuff (Gold)
Skyler Lynn (Silver)
Francis Nicely (Silver)
Robert Peppers (Gold)

Willoughby Eastlake Career Academy
Chad Barnes (Gold)
Joseph Eveland (Gold)
Ryan Fordyce (Gold)
Michael Helt (Gold)
Dakota Jenkins (Gold)
Ryan Karis (Gold)
Jason Kimble (Gold)
James Koenig (Gold)
Timothy Land Jr. (Gold)
Kyle Lemmo (Gold)
John Martin Jr. (Gold)
Kyle McCollister (Gold)
Dylan McLaughlin (Gold)
David Milde (Gold)
Samuel Niemczura (Gold)
Zane O’Hara (Gold)
William Rapp (Gold)
Alaina Rae Riera (Gold)
Connor Roberts (Gold)
Rickard Rutledge (Gold)
Elek Shepherd (Gold)
Cody Shuba (Gold)
John Skorupski (Gold)
Austin Troeter (Gold)
Austin Ward (Gold)
Zach Weaver (Gold)
Treveon Williams (Gold)
Timothy Zdesar (Gold)


Sabin Schellenberg Center
Sam Freshner (Gold) 


John A. Dubiski Career High School
Sarita Ojeda (Silver)
Carolina Pena (Gold)

Rivera Early College High School
Ashley Guerrero (Bronze)
Danya Rivera (Bronze)

Westwood High School
Gayeon Kim (Bronze)


Burton Center for Arts and Technology
Annabell Knapp (Gold)

Hermitage Technical Center
Jeremy Ray (Lifetime) 

Team Awards


Plymouth South High School (Silver)
Lynn Vocational Technical Institute (Gold)


Madison Career and Technical Center SkillsUSA Chapter (Bronze)


Public Safety Class of 2015 (Silver)
Sentinel Career and Technology Center
EHOVE Public Safety Academy (Gold)
EHOVE Career Center

Rhode Island

Ladies in Pink and Two in Blue (Gold)
Providence Career and Technical Academy


Tennessee Postsecondary Executive Committee (Gold)
Medical Assisting Class 2015 TCAT Knoxville (Silver)
Tennessee College of Applied Technology Knoxville
TCAT Elizabethton Administrative Office (Gold)
Tennessee College of Applied Technology Elizabethton


A&M Consolidated High School Chapter 3561 (Gold)
John A. Dubiski (Gold)
Dubiski Career High School


SkillsUSA National High School Officers (Gold)