JumpStart! 2.0

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A Collection of 33 Mixers and Icebreakers to Engage SkillsUSA Students in Meetings, Workshops and Other Activities The old proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” still rings true today. While there is business to take care of at meetings, learning to be gained at workshops and goals to be accomplished during other activities, mixing in a little fun and social interaction adds variety and joy to any event where people gather. Icebreakers and mixers do just that and more. This resource offers examples of two types of activities: mixers and icebreakers. While some activities can be both a mixer and icebreaker, mixers are generally activities that facilitate participants meeting and getting to know each other, while icebreaker activities serve to help participants feel at ease in a group setting and set a tone for the event.