Chapter Management

New Advisor's Starter KitNew to SkillsUSA? Not sure where to begin? Save more than 20 percent and take the mystery out of being a new SkillsUSA advisor with this package of starter materials essential for running a local SkillsUSA chapter. $139.95

Advisor's Success Kit (ASK) CD-ROM

Developed by a team of educators, the award-winning ASK will connect you with the resources you need to effectively manage a SkillsUSA chapter and help you meet all areas of the SkillsUSA Program of Work.


JumpStart! 2.0BK041A Collection of 33 Mixers and Icebreakers to Engage SkillsUSA Students in Meetings, Workshops and Other Activities. $9.95

Leveraging Your Leadership with Effective Chapter Meetings Booklet and Teacher's KitThe student booklet covers why meetings are important, successful meeting basics, ways to enhance meetings and tips for holding large meetings. The companion Teacher�s Guide features six lesson plans to help your students learn about their officer roles and how to apply them within the chapter. $10.95
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Jumpstart! Icebreakers and mixers to energize meetings, workshops and other activitiesEducators have compiled 41 activities from more than 25 years of youth leadership development. This quick reference guide allows presenters to quickly identify activities ideal for either small or large groups, with varying degrees of physical activity, or requiring little to no materials. $9.95

PropelThis collection of engaging and proven activities is an excellent tool for student leaders who want to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. With activities for use during meetings, workshops and conferences, the ideas within this book will add fun and positive energy to any SkillsUSA event. Moreover, student leaders will have the ability to generate enthusiasm within the chapter while learning the art of influential leadership. $9.95

ImpactImpact: Experiential Activities to Launch Successful Teams features activities that promote team interaction, trust exercises and problem solving. It covers group facilitation and the use of debriefing questions. Activities incorporate the SkillsUSA Framework of developing personal, workplace and technical skills. $9.95

Robert's Rules of OrderThis 11th edition is a must-have for proper SkillsUSA meetings and for learning parliamentary procedure.
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Leveraging Your Leadership with Parliamentary Procedure Booklet and Teacher's KitThe booklet provides the basics of parliamentary procedure in an easily understood format. The companion Teacher�s Guide provides five lesson plans to assist by breaking down the terminology, illustrating the types of motions and providing samples. Use the Teacher�s Guide in conjunction with the booklet or as a stand-alone tool. $10.95
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SkillsUSA Framework Thumball and Teacher's GuideLooking for a fun and engaging way to get your students physically involved in discovering the SkillsUSA Framework? Look no further, the SkillsUSA Framework thumball has arrived. $24.95

SkillsUSA Advisors Pocket GuideThis 3.5"x 5.5", 24-page guide includes sections entitled Managing Your Chapter, Integrating Academics, Teaching Work Ethics and an overview of SkillsUSA materials. $1.50

Why SkillsUSA? Teacher BrochuresGeared for teachers, this four-color brochure explains the value of SkillsUSA for both teachers and students. Not only does it explain why individuals should get involved, it also covers the SkillsUSA structure and the support of business and industry partners.
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Why SkillsUSA? Student BrochuresGeared for a student audience, this four color brochure explains why students benefit from joining SkillsUSA. Use it to both recruit students and to help them understand what SkillsUSA is all about.
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SkillsUSA Framework Note Cards (sets of 12)

These 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" cards display the SkillsUSA Framework.


SkillsUSA Framework FolderThis 9"x12" pocket folder features the SkillsUSA Framework. Use it to present information about SkillsUSA or to store SkillsUSA Career Essentials or SkillsUSA Championships materials. Provide these to students to help them stay organized and understand the SkillsUSA Framework.
Quantity   1 - 99     100+  
Price $1.50 $1.00

SkillsUSA Creed Mini-PosterThis 8.5"x11" full-color creed poster is ready to frame and hang as a nice enhancement to your technical classroom or laboratory.
Quantity   1 - 10     11 - 25     26+  
Price $5.00 $4.00 $3.00

Champions Medallion FolderThese 9"x12" pocket folders feature the SkillsUSA Championships gold medal. Use it for storing contest standards and for creating information packets.
Quantity   1 - 99     100+  
Price $1.50 $1.00

Champions Medallion PosterThis premium 20"x24" color, matte-finish poster of the SkillsUSA slogan and the SkillsUSA Championships gold medal will not only improve the look of your classroom or lab, but motivate students as well. $14.95

SkillsUSA Pin with Framework CardIt's easy to explain SkillsUSA and the framework with this handy card. You can also show your SkillsUSA pride with the attached pin. Ideal memento for visits with administrators, parents and legislators. $2.75

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