Advocacy Bundle


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Will you be meeting with your administrators, school board members, community leaders or elected officials during SkillsUSA Week? Our SkillsUSA Advocacy Day resource bundle provides everything you need to communicate key messages about SkillsUSA. Included in the resource bundle are SkillsUSA advocacy brochures with key facts and statistics about our organization and career and technical education. Once you have shared your key messages and personal experience, you can provide these leaders with a SkillsUSA Framework pin to remind them about the mission of our organization and how we prepare career ready students through developing Framework skills. Finally, after your meeting your students can express their gratitude by sending them a thoughtful SkillsUSA thank-you card.  Complete your package with a SkillsUSA Framework Folder. The Advocacy Day resource bundle includes 12 each of the following items:

  • SkillsUSA Advocacy Brochures 
  • SKillsUSA Framework Folder
  • SkillsUSA Framework Pin & Card
  • SkillsUSA Thank You Card  

At $48.72 for the bundle, you save 20%!