Critical Thinking at Work


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Critical thinking is one of the most desired traits in new employees, consistently ranking first or second among high-demand skill sets. Research conducted by the World Economic Forum shows that 36% of all jobs across all industries require complex problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This percentage is expected to increase as technology continues to evolve. The need for individuals to use critical thinking to solve problems, identify new solutions, and apply automation and artificial intelligence is essential. Technology can improve job effectiveness and efficiency, but it cannot replace the human ability to process feedback, build relationships, offer recommendations and apply solutions. What’s more, critical thinking is not an inherent skill. It must be learned and practiced.

This book is designed to help you do just that. Within the SkillsUSA Framework is the Essential Element of “decision making” under the workplace skills component. Critical thinking is a strategy used for decision making while also incorporating other Essential Elements. We will focus on decision making as we learn more about the critical thinking process and practice applying it to workplace scenarios.