ImpactImpact: Experiential Activities to Launch Successful Teams features activities that promote team interaction, trust exercises and problem solving. It covers group facilitation and the use of debriefing questions. Activities incorporate the SkillsUSA Framework of developing personal, workplace and technical skills. $9.95

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The Four Pillars

The Four Pillars: Your Personal Leadership Journey is designed for students who are ready for a more in-depth approach to learning leadership.


AccelerateAdding relevance and retention to student learning often requires strategy. This book is designed to do just that with a philosophy centered on “learning by doing.” With more than 40 teaching strategies that enhance classroom instruction, Accelerate is a compilation of interactive and student-centered activities that apply content in a practical yet effective manner. $9.95


Ignite equips you with 68 bell-ringers or startup tasks to engage students, with career-readiness topics that tie directly to the SkillsUSA Framework. Consider posting a bell-ringer before starting each class session, and discuss the relationship of the task content to school, SkillsUSA and the workplace.


PropelThis collection of engaging and proven activities is an excellent tool for student leaders who want to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. With activities for use during meetings, workshops and conferences, the ideas within this book will add fun and positive energy to any SkillsUSA event. Moreover, student leaders will have the ability to generate enthusiasm within the chapter while learning the art of influential leadership. $9.95

Jumpstart! Icebreakers and mixers to energize meetings, workshops and other activitiesEducators have compiled 41 activities from more than 25 years of youth leadership development. This quick reference guide allows presenters to quickly identify activities ideal for either small or large groups, with varying degrees of physical activity, or requiring little to no materials. $9.95

Leveraging Your Leadership With POWERRful Presentations Booklet and Teacher's Kit

Ideal for use by teachers or by students, the booklet provides the POWERR formula - six simple steps to give speeches impact.

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Leveraging Your Leadership Series Officer Individual Package (Effective Chapter Meetings)Bundle includes seven (7) Effective Chapter Meetings booklets. A $34.65 value! $25.00

Leveraging Your Leadership Series Officer Individual Package (Parliamentary Procedure)Includes seven (7) Leveraging Your Leadership with Parliamentary Procedure booklets and one teacher's guide. A $39.65 value! $30.00

Officer Mega PackageIncludes seven (7) of the following booklets: Parliamentary Procedure, POWERRful Speeches, Effective Chapter Meetings, Effective Communication and one Parliamentary Procedure Teacher's Guide, one POWERRful Speeches Teacher's Guide, one Propel, one Jumpstart and one Accelerate booklet. A $183.45 value! $110.00

Leveraging Your Leadership Series Sampler

Includes POWERRful Speeches Booklet, Parliamentary Procedure Booklet, Effective Chapter Meetings Booklet, Effective Communication Booklet, Parliamentary Procedure Teacher's Kit & POWERRful Speeches Teacher's Kit A $39.70 value!


Leveraging Your Leadership With Effective Chapter MeetingsThis booklet helps chapter advisors guide chapter leaders in holding chapter meetings where students feel welcome and eager to participate. Topics include why meetings are important, successful meeting basics, ways to enhance meetings and tips for holding large meetings. It features solutions to limited attendance and participation, scheduling issues, lack of school administration support and more. $5.95

Leveraging Your Leadership with Effective Chapter Meetings Booklet and Teacher's KitThe student booklet covers why meetings are important, successful meeting basics, ways to enhance meetings and tips for holding large meetings. The companion Teacher�s Guide features six lesson plans to help your students learn about their officer roles and how to apply them within the chapter. $10.95
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Leveraging Your Leadership with Effective CommunicationThis second printing has been updated to include a more specific focus on workplace communication including writing a résumé and interviewing for a job. $4.95

Leveraging Your Leadership with Parliamentary Procedure Booklet

Booklet only
The booklet provides information on how and when to use various motions during a meeting.


Leveraging Your Leadership with Parliamentary Procedure Booklet and Teacher's KitThe booklet provides the basics of parliamentary procedure in an easily understood format. The companion Teacher�s Guide provides five lesson plans to assist by breaking down the terminology, illustrating the types of motions and providing samples. Use the Teacher�s Guide in conjunction with the booklet or as a stand-alone tool. $10.95
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SkillsUSA Advisor’s Pocket GuideThis 3.5"x 5.5", 24-page guide includes sections entitled Managing Your Chapter, Integrating Academics, Teaching Work Ethics and an overview of SkillsUSA materials. $1.50

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