State Associations Recognized for State Standards of Excellence

State Associations Recognized for State Standards of Excellence

Oct. 10, 2021 – The SkillsUSA State Standards of Excellence Program experienced growth in its fifth year as 38 states were recognized and received recognition. The purpose of the program is to ensure state associations have in place policies, procedures and structure on an annual basis that deliver a high level of service to membership.

The following state associations were recognized for achieving Bronze level of establishing a baseline for a healthy association: Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota and South Dakota.

The following states moved to the next level by being recognized for achieving Silver, ensuring sustainability of healthy association: Alabama High School, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana College/Postsecondary, New York High School, Utah, West Virginia and Wyoming.

The following states reached the pinnacle of achievement by successfully completing the Gold level requirements, ensuring continual growth of the association: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia College/Postsecondary, Georgia High School, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas College/Postsecondary, Texas High School, Virginia and Washington High School.

This program is not competitive between states but serves as a system to allow states to benchmark their performance and determine improvements to become the very best organization for their members. State associations, rather than the state SkillsUSA director, are recognized for achieving State Standards of Excellence. Congratulations to the state SkillsUSA directors who provide leadership for these state associations.

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