SkillsUSA Catalysts Program

SkillsUSA Catalysts Program Form

SkillsUSA knows that student voices are important. Do you want to provide feedback, share your story, and join a close community of other SkillsUSA members? Then become a part of the SkillsUSA Catalysts Program!

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Have questions? Please contact Jordan Sewell at jsewell@skillsusa.org.

Who is a SkillsUSA Catalysts?

A person who causes a change or event to happen is known as a catalyst. A SkillsUSA Catalysts is a person who wants to take their personal experiences or what they have witnessed through social media and make a more inclusive and positive environment for all. A SkillsUSA Catalysts is a leader who has both empathy and ideas and who is eager to understand and learn from the experiences of others. A SkillsUSA Catalysts is a person willing to foster school and chapter change for the betterment of all. A SkillsUSA Catalyst has the desire to make this change and is excited to obtain the tools and resources to make it happen.

What Is It?

SkillsUSA Catalysts are trailblazing student members and advisors who have learned that empathy and knowledge are powerful tools, and they have used these tools to create positive change. These trailblazers have become the inspiration for a new program that has the potential to create a widespread effect.

The SkillsUSA Catalysts Program is focused on bringing awareness to diversity, equity and inclusion topics, teaching a process for implementing positive change within the participant’s SkillsUSA chapter and the school and providing opportunities for all SkillsUSA chapter members to implement leadership skills. We welcome you to join us in becoming a new generation of trailblazers known as SkillsUSA Catalysts.

Student Voice

Become a part of a SkillsUSA affinity group, where you can:

  • Offer feedback on student programming and events.
  • Participate in conversations to determine how to make SkillsUSA chapters feel more inclusive and accepting.
  • Discuss how to create a larger impact within your school or community.
  • Competency GROWTH in the SkillsUSA Framework skills of Leadership, Multicultural Sensitivity and Awareness, and Planning, Organizing and Management.

DEI Vision

SkillsUSA will foster and provide an inclusive environment where every member can realize their full potential, building the foundation for success, both personally and professionally.

DEI Statements

SkillsUSA is committed to serving the diversity of members within our schools and communities.

SkillsUSA holds itself accountable to advancing the needs of marginalized students and will endeavor to serve as a leader in this capacity within career and technical education.

SkillsUSA identifies and actively removes barriers to equitable access for members while providing inclusive opportunities for students to grow.