2017 Student2Student Mentoring Grand Prize Winner

Hobbs (N.M.) High School
Advisor: Israel Martinez

On the first Friday of every month, SkillsUSA members at Hobbs (NM) High School mentored second graders at Broadmoor Elementary, also in Hobbs. The members prepared and delivered lessons in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (S.T.E.A.M.) SkillsUSA members were divided among the three second-grade classes to present and teach their lessons. The second-grade teacher monitored the program closely and made sure that the lessons prepared by the SkillsUSA members went along with the units of study during that month. SkillsUSA members had to make sure that Common Core standards were being met. The mentoring program replaced the traditional “Fun Friday” at Broadmoor, where the elementary students usually played board games. The second-grade students developed a new eagerness for their first Fridays because they were being challenged in a fun way and would get to work on hands-on activities that were enriching.

The SkillsUSA chapter’s main objective was to reach out to and connect with younger students and make them aware of the different opportunities and careers that are part of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math and to begin to pique their interest in SkillsUSA. Broadmoor Elementary is a low economic school, so the chapter members also focused on being role models for the younger students. They encouraged the second graders to study hard and be aware of the importance of getting an education.

The relationship between the Broadmoor students and the SkillsUSA members grew as the year went by. The younger children felt proud to know the high schools students and be able to work with them. The second graders would show up in their SkillsUSA shirts and were always very well prepared with their material. The SkillsUSA members were proud to have the opportunity to make a difference in these young children who might come from a broken home or other hard situations.

The teachers and principal at Broadmoor were very pleased with the Student2Student Mentoring program. They have requested the program again for next year, and they have made the other second-grade teachers in the district aware of the program. The SkillsUSA members have already adapted Jefferson Elementary and two other elementary schools in the district have also requested the chapter members.