Mentoring: Student2Student

Student2Student logoSkillsUSA offers Student2Student Mentoring as a national mentoring program that provides a way for our members to participate in America’s Promise Alliance.

Mentoring is a voluntary relationship between two people: a middle school, a high-school or college student and a younger student (usually one in middle school). The aim is to encourage younger students to explore future careers and make decisions that will lead to marketable skills and productive futures.

Participating in Student2Student starts with identifying a younger group of students to mentor. Next, the SkillsUSA chapter meets with school administrators and asks permission to mentor. Then members start planning activities and set some dates on the calendar. On mentoring day, the fun begins with icebreakers and other activities. After participants get to know each other, they engage in hands-on activities designed to encourage the younger students to think about career options. Activities may include holding a career day, conducting job skill demonstrations, making a joint visit to a science or technology museum or even holding a community service project together. The goal is to get the younger students thinking about their future careers as they work with their older mentors and see technical training programs firsthand.

Benefits to your classroom

Younger students benefit by having a chance to visit one or more technical programs, see the school they may attend and learn about various careers. Mentors develop self-confidence as they demonstrate what they are learning in their training programs. The school is showcased to the community, and specific training programs can even recruit future students.

Recognition for chapters

SkillsUSA sponsors a national recognition program based on the Student2Student mentoring program. The program recognizes excellence by selecting the chapter that best exemplifies the purposes and goals of the Student2Student Mentoring program.


This event is open to all SkillsUSA chapters at middle schools, high schools or colleges that are participating in a mentoring project with local elementary or middle-school students. All entries must be submitted online to the national headquarters by April 1. For details: www.skillsusa.org/programs/mentoring-student2student/mentoring-recognition-program/.


The Grand Prize winning chapter will receive a plaque and a $500 check for the chapter to use toward expanding next year’s mentoring project. The Grand Prize chapter will be recognized during the National Leadership and Skills Conference.

To enter, document your mentoring project and then complete the project description questionnaire online at:

Information and Resources

For information, contact Tyler Chaffin tchaffin@skillsusa.org.

For additional resources, visit the National Mentoring Partnership online: www.mentoring.org.

Download our advisor’s mentoring guide, which explains how to implement this program in your school.

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