Journey of a Jacket

SkillsUSA offers many opportunities to celebrate success whether it be an awards ceremony, being elected as an officer or gaining a new skill. These moments create pride in belonging to the SkillsUSA community. The foundation of this community is built upon caring alumni, advisors, and business and industry leaders who celebrate the growth of every member. The support of this community is boundless, and they want to support you by investing in the Journey of a Jacket Program.

Like buying your favorite band’s concert T-shirt or wearing a sports jersey, SkillsUSA is providing an opportunity to showcase your pride! The Journey of a Jacket Program supports SkillsUSA members by providing applicants with a SkillsUSA jacket. The best part of this program is that this jacket is a gift from a generous sponsor. This jacket is a symbol that you are supported and believed in by a larger community. You are an important part of SkillsUSA!

Applications open on Oct. 1 and close Nov. 1.

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