New Film Spotlights SkillsUSA ‘Building a Strong Foundation’ 

SkillsUSA is the subject of a new mini-documentary produced by WorkingNation for its “Do Something Awesome” series. “Building a Strong Foundation: SkillsUSA Prepares the American Workforce” demonstrates how SkillsUSA is instrumental in strengthening the talent pipeline from schools to the workforce by imparting valuable technical and workplace skills training.

During the SkillsUSA Championships in June, WorkingNation’s filmmakers followed four TeamWorks competitors from Georgia Northwestern Technical College. The students applied their skills in carpentry, masonry, plumbing and electrical work to complete a project in 16 hours. Through interviews with team members, SkillsUSA representatives and supporters, the world of career and technical education, and the value of workforce development, came into focus.

WorkingNation brought 11 people to the SkillsUSA Championships, where the best teams and individuals from 50 states and two U.S. territories compete against one another in their respective fields. The visitors expressed amazement at how the championships uniquely combines the spectacle of a sporting event with a strong American work ethic. At a time when skills are a premium due to the retirement of baby-boom workers, SkillsUSA demonstrated that career pathways to great jobs are within reach of a new generation.

WorkingNation, founded by venture capitalist Art Bilger, seeks to galvanize the public will and mobilize critical resources to mitigate the growing employability gap. The organization’s efforts begin with innovative storytelling, and it has partnered with Academy Award-winning directors and producers to create a wide range of compelling programming.

“Building a Strong Foundation,” the 21st episode in the “Do Something Awesome” series, is live on the WorkingNation website and social media platforms. Everyone is encouraged to share this content with your communities.