T-Shirt Logo

1cSlogoDownload our SkillsUSA logos and make your own T-shirt. You can apply these specially reversed images to any cotton or 50/50 cotton T-shirt using iron-on transfer paper. Transfer paper has a special coating that allows you to transfer a design to cloth and then remove the paper.

Place the smaller logo on the front left chest of a T-shirt, or the larger logo on the back of a T-shirt.

Iron-on transfer paper is available at most office supply, craft and variety stores. Iron-on transfer paper works best on light and white fabrics. The shirt you select should be at least 50-percent cotton.

T-shirt instructions:

  • Read all the instructions on the package of transfer paper
  • Print out the logos onto transfer paper using a color ink-jet printer
  • Cut the iron-on transfer paper to size
  • Set up an ironing board and iron (set iron to hottest setting)
  • Following instructions, apply the transfer using the iron
  • Let the transfer cool a little
  • Remove the transfer paper and the shirt is done!


Download these logos to your computer, then print them on transfer paper using a color ink-jet printer: You can use a program like MS Publisher or Word to view the designs.

Iron-on T-shirt Design-FRONT (909 kb)

Iron-on T-shirt Design-BACK (1.3 mb)