Chapter Officer Election Toolkit

About the Toolkit

SkillsUSA’s Chapter Officer Election Toolkit has been prepared to assist in conducting a SkillsUSA chapter officer election process in a virtual, in-person or hybrid manner. It is important to honor the work and commitment of the students applying for chapter office and to conduct a process that is fair and equitable for all candidates, and most importantly, identifies the candidates that can best serve your local chapter in advancing in quality while engaging all members. The actions described in this guide are suggestions and options based on experiences gathered from chapters. Each chapter may need to adjust or modify the actions presented to fit unique needs or time periods. Each chapter should also be familiar with the state officer election process for their specific state, as they may wish to mimic portions of it.

Included in this toolkit:

  • Election Types
  • Election Methods
  • Evaluation Rubrics
  • Other Election & Technical Resources