Advisor Training Modules

Several advisor training modules were developed to help build successful SkillsUSA chapters.

All advisors are welcome to use the training modules anytime, anywhere to learn how to develop a strong SkillsUSA chapter.

Note: if you have trouble viewing these modules, see this help document.

SkillsUSA Overview
Explore the mission and structure of SkillsUSA. View module.

What’s In It For My Local Community?
Learn about the benefits SkillsUSA can offer the local community. View Module.

SkillsUSA Chapter Management Modules
These modules provide information related to effectively launching and managing a SkillsUSA student organization.

Steps to Start a Chapter
Identify three basic steps and resources for starting a SkillsUSA chapter. View module.

Membership Drive
Discover the building blocks of planning and conducting a successful SkillsUSA membership drive. View module.

Chapter Meetings
Learn how to plan for and conduct an ffective SkillsUSA chapter meeting. View module.

Officers and Elections
Examine the role chapter officers play in the SkillsUSA organizations and identify how to elect and train chapter officers. View module.

Leadership Development
Identify how to provide high quality leadership development experiences to your SkillsUSA members. View module.

Program of Work
Prepare to guide students in establishing, implementing and evaluating a meaningful and balanced SkillsUSA Program of Work. View module.

Community Service
Discover how to plan and conduct quality community service projects. View module.

SkillsUSA Championships
Determine how to prepare students for participation in competitions. View module.

Advisory Committees
Identify how to form and guide an advisory committee for your SkillsUSA chapter. View module.

Self-Evaluation and Action Planning
Self-evaluation is a critical component of your professional growth as a SkillsUSA advisor. Use the module in this section to sharpen your skills and grow as a professional. View module.