Brochures and Flyers

As a service to chapters, SkillsUSA has created some free downloadable promotional materials. Two versions of a SkillsUSA brochure are provided: a PDF download with national contact information, and a document in Word that can be downloaded and then personalized with your school information before printing.

Use these brochures to promote your SkillsUSA chapter during membership drives, open houses, community service projects, presentations or SkillsUSA Week. Have members hand them out to prospective members with a tuck-in note inviting them to a fall kick-off meeting or other event. Use these at club nights or local community events to get the word out about your local SkillsUSA chapter and what you are doing.

Informational Flyer (PDF)
Here is a handy, two-page color flyer great for a quick overview of SkillsUSA and the SkillsUSA Championships.

Brochures for Purchase

We hope the above free items will be helpful for your chapter. We also encourage you to purchase SkillsUSA brochures for industry networking or important events where a professional image is crucial. Please scroll to the bottom of the page for the brochure.

Why SkillsUSA? Student Brochures

Why SkillsUSA? Teacher Brochures