Fundraising Policy

School Policies on Fundraising

Before undertaking any fundraising, be sure to check with your school administration on any school policies or procedures for handling money. Be sure to issue receipts for any goods provided to others and have a system to record all transactions. Check the local school fundraising policies and be sure each activity undertaken falls within the guidelines. It is a good idea to obtain written approval from the principal or campus administrator for any fundraising activity.

The purpose of student activity funds is to promote the general welfare, education and morale of all the students, and to finance legitimate co-curricular activities of the student organizations. Schools or their central office or school board generally adopt policy statements to govern the management and control of student activity funds, and how funds can be raised by students. Such policy statements create parameters within which all student groups like SkillsUSA can operate effectively. Projects for raising funds should contribute to the educational experience of students and, if possible, should enhance the instructional program.

Many schools have a forms for organizers to fill out annually that specify the goal of the fundraiser, the type of activity, the time it will take, how the funds will be collected and the number of students involved. When planning an event, keep in mind that students or staff should never be coerced or compelled to participate in fundraising activities. Students may be rewarded for participation in a fundraiser, but they should not be penalized because of a refusal to participate in fundraising activities conducted on behalf of a school.