Chapter Fundraising Checklist

Below is a handy checklist for your fundraising activities:

  • Obtain a copy of your school policy regarding fundraising
  • Have students brainstorm ways to raise funds
  • Request approval of any contracts for goods or services
  • Be familiar with any school insurance available to protect against liability
  • Inventory merchandise to be sure you received what was ordered
  • Check with companies for their return policy of any unsold goods
  • Require strict accounting of all funds handled
  • Provide adult supervision for all fundraising activities
  • Establish clear timelines and deadlines for the fundraiser
  • Have students organize work teams so a few students don’t do all of the work
  • Plan for safety and monitor safe work practices during all activities
  • Employ a code of conduct for students who are participating
  • Have students implement good financial procedures
  • Assign one or two people to handle all receipts, expenditures and accounting
  • Establish deadlines for any money to be turned in
  • Require receipts for any chapter purchases
  • Require two signatures on checks if your SkillsUSA chapter has a checking account