Student Membership Cards

Personalizing and Printing SkillsUSA Student Membership Cards

To print your SkillsUSA student membership list onto the SkillsUSA membership card stock that was provided in your Membership Kit, please follow these steps: We recommend your copying a few of the card sheets for testing on your printer. Proceed to using the real cards once you have your printer setup correctly. Also check your printer settings. This is set up for manual printing, and you many want to set it to automatic feed.

  1. Go to the Membership Registration sitewww.skillsusa-register.org/Login.aspx and login. Click Membership, Click the Membership menu, Export Member List.  A  new Web browser containing an Excel data file of your current membership will display.
  2. Download the membership cards for the current year.
  3. Save this Excel file to your computer with this name and location: C:\SkillsUSAMembers.xls. (File – Save as – SkillsUSAMembers.xls) Be sure to change the File type to Excel, instead of the default HTML, and leave no spaces in the file name.
  4. Download the template  to open the SkillsUSA Name Card Template.doc Word file.
  5. Save the word file which is a Microsoft Word Mail Merge Main Document, that is configured to merge with the Excel file saved at C:\SkillsUSAMembers.XLS
  6. In Word, find your Mail Merge feature and follow the steps to merge to a new document.

This template document should be very close to printing in the correct location on most HP LaserJet-compatible laser printers. You should definitely print a sample page to make sure the alignment is correct for your particular printer. You can always make adjustments to the layout, margins, etc., on this template document and then try merging again.

Each SkillsUSA section is provided with two sheets of membership cards in your Membership Kit. If you need additional membership cards for your chapter, please call SkillsUSA to request them at 844-875-4557.

Note: This system does not apply to the SkillsUSA Professional membership card, which is personalized and mailed by the national headquarters.

Download the template.