Executive Update: September 15, 2021

Executive Update: September 15, 2021

Important Dates:
Sept. 18-22: Washington Leadership Training Institute, Alexandria, Va
Sept. 23: Chapter of Distinction Mega Prize Virtual Event
Oct. 4-7: State Directors Association Annual Professional Development and Training Conference, Atlanta, Ga.

Elected Officials Recognize SkillsUSA Champions

Following the 2021 virtual NLSC, SkillsUSA’s PR team sent out 367 unique emails to the senators, representatives and governors representing all of our SkillsUSA Championships medalists. The messages included customized press releases, a list of medalists from the recipients’ states and a request that our medalists be congratulated publicly. In response, 17 governors, six senators and seven representatives agreed to send out letters of congratulations to their constituents. We are excited to gain this recognition for our students as we increase awareness of SkillsUSA as a verified talent pipeline. If you have questions about post-NLSC public relations, contact Jane Short.

Chapter Assistance Through SkillsUSA’s Hope Fund

Through the SkillsUSA Hope Fund, grants of up to $1,000 are available to assist SkillsUSA chapters that have experienced loss due to a natural disaster. Applications will be considered based on need and the availability of funding. Please share this form with those in your state who may need assistance.

SkillsUSA CONNECT Pauses for Students and Advisors

As the next phase of build commences for SkillsUSA CONNECT, the community will go into temporary hibernation for all stakeholders except for state SkillsUSA directors and state officers. State directors and officers participating in IMPACT will continue to use CONNECT as they did last year. When it returns, SkillsUSA CONNECT will be an even more engaging and interactive community, highlighted by a member dashboard and a robust membership system that tracks the cycle of engagement for each member. For more information, please refer to this archived video from the Aug. 19 state director meeting. More information will be shared in the days ahead.

Free Advocacy Tools to Promote Your State Activities

The SkillsUSA Advocacy Site is a free resource that helps state SkillsUSA leaders and advisors connect with their elected representatives and the media. To get started sending a message from the site, simply fill in your address and zip code and click “Go.” You can then choose from a list of all your elected representatives, enter your message and hit “Send.” Done. To email a press release to local media, choose the “Media” tab at the top of the page. From there, enter your zip code or click on your state on the map. Choose up to six outlets at a time and click “Send a Message.” Fill in your contact information, type or paste your message and click “Send.” Take advantage of this simple and powerful resource! For questions, contact Jane Short.

2021 SkillsUSA Official Partners

SkillsUSA’s mission cannot be achieved without the generous support of our partners. Organizations met the qualifications to be named a 2021 SkillsUSA Official Partner by making financial contributions of at least $25,000 and/or documented in-kind contributions of at least $75,000 in FY ‘21 (which ended on Aug. 31). View the full SkillsUSA Official Partner list online, and thank our partners for their support by offering yours when able.

Free Career Essentials Access for State Officers

High school and college/postsecondary state officers are invited to take advantage of complimentary access to the SkillsUSA Career Essentials Advanced Curriculum or Adult Learner Curriculum, an offer that includes working with an instructor from the SkillsUSA national staff. Students who complete all coursework and earn an 80% or above on the post-assessment will receive the industry-validated SkillsUSA Career Essentials Credential and will be recognized at the 2022 NLSC. Students will have access to their course 24/7, and all engagement with the instructor will take place after school hours from September 2021 through February 2022. Interested participants can register here. If you have questions, contact Megan Flinn.

Career Opportunities at SkillsUSA

SkillsUSA has several career opportunity openings. More information is available here.

State IRS Reporting Forms Due Oct. 15

SkillsUSA state IRS Reporting Forms are due to the national office by Oct. 15. Form No. 2 (IRS Reporting Form), a letter requesting a state’s federal ID number and instructions can be downloaded here. Please fill out the necessary information and return the signed form and letter to Kim Graham.

Due Dates

Sept. 17: State Directors Association Conference payment due

Oct. 15 : SkillsUSA Form No. 2 (IRS Reporting Form) due