Executive Update: February 1, 2021

Executive Update: February 1, 2021

Important Dates
February 2021: Career and Technical Education Month
Feb. 7-13: SkillsUSA Week

Mike Rowe Promotes the Energy Industry

Mike Rowe produced a short video in coordination with our partner, the Distribution Contractors Association (DCA), to promote the abundant and high-paying jobs in the energy industry. The ad is running in episodes of Mike’s new show, “Six Degrees with Mike Rowe.” The show  is currently running on the new Discovery + streaming channel and will move to the Discovery Channel in the spring. The ad ends with Mike directing people to the DCA website for more information. To view the ad, see below:

Membership Update for State Directors

State SkillsUSA directors: As you work with advisors in your state, please access these resources at any time:

  • Membership reports: Year-to-Date (YTD) membership reports can be accessed that compare your state’s previous year’s membership on the same date, by division or that compare current end-of-year count to the previous year’s end-of-year count.
    • Access this report and other membership reports, including comparisons by school, on the Membership and Conference website in the “State Reports” section.
    • More details on the various reports available and how to find them is located in the “State Director Membership Report Guide” located on SkillsUSA CONNECT in the “State Director Resources” section. You can also reach out to Patty Duncan for help in determining the right reports for your needs: pduncan@skillsusa.org.
  • State Director Implementation Guides: A monthly State Director Implementation Guide is emailed to you and can also be found on SkillsUSA CONNECT. You will also find other membership resources and additional success tools there.

Additional membership resources and ideas for your state:

  • Mark your calendar and remind advisors of upcoming deadlines for state and national membership or conference registration.
  • Share the flyers with your advisors to assist them in discovering their professional member and student member benefits.
  • Share social media posts on your state channels about professional member benefits to keep these top-of-mind for advisors.

Membership Flyers:
Value of Membership Guide
Accessing the Benefits of Professional Membership

Teacher – Professional Membership Benefits Social Media Toolkit

Registration Resources:

Quick Start Membership Guide
Quick Tip Videos

Plan for Your State Officers to Attend Leverage 2021

State SkillsUSA directors: This year’s Leverage training for state officer teams will be held as a virtual experience this summer. The conference will be a hybrid of live interactions with facilitators and e-module learning. State officer teams will participate in whole group sessions with state officers across the country, smaller huddle group sessions and fun activities. The conference will be held over six days: June 19-21, June 28, July 5 and July 12. The cost is $50 per participant. Registration details will be forthcoming. 

Chapter Charter Certificates Make Great Recognition 

Have you established new chapters in your state this year? State leadership and skills conferences provide the perfect opportunity to recognize newly formed chapters during a general session or awards ceremony. Access middle-school, high-school or college/postsecondary fillable chapter charter certificates in SkillsUSA CONNECT or request the national headquarters to mail pre-printed certificates by completing an online form.

Email Addresses Required for Conference Registrations 

A valid and unique email address is now required for all participants registering for virtual state and national conferences on SkillsUSA’s Member Information System. The email is critical to ensure that every participant has access to the virtual platform(s) and receives important conference communications. Advisors should plan ahead and work with students now to ensure they each have a personal email address and access to that account.

Plan Now for 2021 SkillsUSA Week and CTE Month

State SkillsUSA directors, please pass this on to your advisors:

SkillsUSA Week is Feb. 7-13, and you can participate many ways: honor your community supporters, connect with local business and industry professionals, or make a presentation about SkillsUSA at a school board meeting.

We encourage you to celebrate all week by planning activities that follow the daily schedule of events that will be held by local chapters nationwide: 

Monday, Feb. 8, Recognition Day. Celebrate and honor members, advisors, administrators, business partners, community leaders and supporters who make a meaningful impact on your CTE program and SkillsUSA chapter.  

Tuesday, Feb. 9, Give Back Day. Rally around your school and community by focusing on ways for your chapter to give back.  

Wednesday, Feb. 10., Partner Day. Invite local business and industry leaders to connect with chapter members as you highlight the importance of developing the career-readiness skills found in the SkillsUSA Framework.  

Thursday, Feb. 11, Advocacy Day. Amplify CTE in your community by conducting a local public relations activity, such as presenting to school board members, administrators or community leaders. 

Friday, Feb. 12, SkillsUSA Day. Celebrate SkillsUSA by wearing your favorite SkillsUSA shirt, planning a celebration activity or by posting your Framework story on social media using the hashtag: #SkillsUSAWeek 

For a packet of resources including information, go to: www.skillsusa.org/events-training/skillsusa-week. 

Visit the SkillsUSA Store at www.skillsusastore.org to order SkillsUSA Week T-shirts and other logo products to support your celebration. 

New Ways to Share Your Stories During CTE Month  

SkillsUSA Week hits the second week of February, but the entire month is CTE Month. During both SkillsUSA Week and CTE Month, we encourage you to use the editable press releases on the SkillsUSA advocacy site to let your U.S. congressman and senators, state legislators and local media outlets know about SkillsUSA Week and Career and Technical Education Month in February. Personalize the templates that work for you. To use the SkillsUSA advocacy site, go to: www.congressweb.com/susa/#/. There are two postings for SkillsUSA Week: one to write elected officials and another to contact local media within a 50mile radiusAfter the release to local media is submitted, follow up with media outlets by calling or visiting. If you have questions, contact Jane Short at jshort@skillsusa.org 

As you conduct activities during SkillsUSA Week and CTE Month, please share your stories and photos with the national headquarters. Your photos may be featured in a Flickr gallery on SkillsUSA’s home page or on the SkillsUSA Champions digital hubSubmit stories and photos here: https://skillsusachampions.org/submit-a-story/. 

2021 National Officer Candidate Information 

The 2021 SkillsUSA national officer candidate application and national officer program guide are now available on the SkillsUSA website: www.skillsusa.org/membership-resources/students/national-officer-election-process/. 

This year, national officer candidates can choose to have a SkillsUSA national staff member serve as their SkillsUSA Career Essentials instructor and proctor as they progress through the Career Essentials: Experiences Advanced or Adult Learner course at no cost to the candidate, chapter or state association. The instructor/proctor will provide feedback on student-submitted project activities, develop an implementation schedule for curriculum completion, assist the student in navigating the learning management system, and be available to provide general course guidance. More details on the implementation plan and application can be found here. The deadline to apply to be a part of this group is Feb. 15. 

The application deadline for SkillsUSA to receive national officer applications is June 1 by 6 p.m. ET. Contact Tyler Chaffin with questions: tchaffin@skillsusa.org. 

Nominations Still Needed for Honorary Life Membership and Outstanding Career and Technical Educator

State SkillsUSA directors: SkillsUSA still seeks additional nominations for SkillsUSA Honorary Life Membership and Outstanding Career and Technical Educator awards.

Honorary Life Membership is SkillsUSA’s highest recognition for outstanding service that advances the purposes and goals of the national organization. The Outstanding Career and Technical Educator Award honors individual educators for service and dedication to career and technical education and SkillsUSA.

To nominate someone for Honorary Life Membership or Outstanding Career and Technical Educator, submit applications at the following links. The deadline is Feb. 15. If you have questions, contact Laura Rauch at lrauch@skillsusa.org.

Remind Advisors to Register All Members by March 1

State SkillsUSA directors, please pass this on to your advisors to ensure they receive all membership benefits and that students qualify for national events:

The SkillsUSA national membership deadline is March 1. Students must meet both state and national deadlines to be eligible for national competition, serve as voting delegates or run for national office. Professional membership provides valuable benefits, too. Once advisors join and provide their email address, they will receive access to the following:

  • The Framework Integration Toolkit, consisting of 45 separate resources.
  • Program of Work Toolkit for in-person and virtual chapter activities.
  • SkillsUSA Championships Toolkit, including the 2021 SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards and local career competition guides.
  • Jump into STEM! Toolkit plus virtual lesson plans.

Post Office Delivery Delays and Membership Dues

Like much of the nation, SkillsUSA national headquarters is experiencing delays in receiving mail when sent by USPS. A student must be a paid member to register as a contestant in state or national competitions. We recommend using electronic forms of payment instead of mailing checks to ensure payment is received prior to conference registrations. Payment options can be found in the Post Office Delay Advisory.

Call the SkillsUSA Customer Care Team if you have questions or need assistance with online membership registration. Call 844-875-4557 from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET Tuesday and Thursday, or email customercare@skillsusa.org.

Take Up the Challenge! National Conference Pin and T-Shirt Design

SkillsUSA is sponsoring the 2021 National Leadership and Skills Conference T-shirt and pin design challenges, open to all dues-paying student members. The winning designs will become the official T-shirt and pin design for the 2021 Virtual SkillsUSA National Leadership and Skills Conference.

This annual challenge has been updated to reflect the virtual delivery model of the 2021 National Leadership and Skills Conference and contestants are encouraged to embrace this unique aspect of the 2021 NLSC in their artwork. Your challenge is to create an icon that can mark this historic occasion!

The top three finalists from both challenges will be announced on March 7. Student members from across the nation will then have the chance to vote on designs for the official pin and T-shirt design of the 2021 NLSC via SkillsUSA CONNECT during the week of March 15. The winners will be announced on March 22.

Submissions are due by March 1, 11:59 p.m. (ET). To submit your design, go to: Pin Design Challenge Submission and T-Shirt Design Challenge Submission

Focus Students on Safety

CareerSafe is sponsoring the annual National Youth Safety Video Contest, challenging students to create a two-minute video demonstrating safety in the workplace. The winning students will receive a SkillsUSA prize pack as well as a scholarship up to $2,500, and the winning school will receive a prize up to $5,000. All submissions must be sent to CareerSafe by March 1. For details visit the CareerSafe website at: www.careersafeonline.com/scholarships/video-contest. 

2020-21 Advisor of the Year

State SkillsUSA directors: This year’s Advisor of the Year (AOY) information and resources are located on SkillsUSA Connect. Please note there are two different guides. One guide is for state associations that intend on using the AOY section of the SkillsUSA Register site to collect and judge state-level AOY applications. The other guide is for state associations that will be selecting their AOY using their own process and will then submit a state winner into the National AOY program.

To access the information, log into SkillsUSA CONNECT and go to: www.skillsusaconnect.org/advisor-of-the-year-sd-hub. 

A couple of reminders:

  • As a state association, you have complete authority to manage your Advisor of the Year program at the state-level using the process and timelines that work best in your state. You can submit your state Advisor of the Year from the previous school year or the current school year. However, in order to be eligible to achieve the regional or national level award, advisors must be current Chapter Excellence Program (CEP) Level 2 recipients and paid professional members during the 2020-21 school year.
  • An exception to eligibility requirements can be made if the Advisor retired. The Advisor must have been a paid Professional member and met the minimum CEP requirement during their last year of teaching. A letter from an administrator stating the date of retirement must be submitted to Taryn Zeigler at tzeigler@skillsusa.org.

The deadline for state association directors to submit or “advance” their state recipient is April 1.

We are excited to honor and celebrate your advisors across the country! If you have any questions, please contact Taryn Zeigler at tzeigler@skillsusa.org.  

State Awards for Advisor of the Year

State SkillsUSA directors: SkillsUSA will supply state-level Advisor of the Year (AOY) awards. Each state may order one award for a secondary AOY and one award for a postsecondary AOY to award in your state.

To order your AOY awards, send an email request to Kim DeVenuto from the SkillsUSA Store at KDeVenuto@centricitynow.com. Be sure to include the following information in your email:

  • Item: SkillsUSA State Advisor of the Year Award.
  • The correct spelling of the name of the advisor to be honored.
  • Your state association.
  • Your shipping address (no P.O. boxes, please).
  • The date you need your award to deliver.

Awards are custom produced and shipped from the manufacturer, so please allow three weeks for delivery.  

Gain National Attention for Student Mentoring 

SkillsUSA sponsors a national recognition opportunity called the Student2Student mentoring program. Mentoring connects young people to personal growth and development, as well as economic opportunities. When a SkillsUSA chapter mentors an elementary- or middle-school classroom, it helps younger students imagine careers and helps older students practice their skills.

Student2Student recognizes SkillsUSA chapters that are involved in a mentoring program in their communities. To enter, submit your mentoring project plan, description and outcomes. The winning chapter will be recognized at the National Leadership and Skills Conference, a plaque and receive a $500 check for the chapter to use toward expanding next year’s mentoring project. All entries must be submitted by April 1. Winners are announced in May.  

For more information, contact Tyler Chaffin at tchaffin@skillsusa.org or visit: www.skillsusa.org/programs/mentoring-student2student/.

Earn Recognition for Service Through PVSA 

During national conference, SkillsUSA will recognize eligible individuals or chapters with the President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA). This presidential honor recognizes the valuable contributions of volunteers across the country who are answering a call to serve others through their current activities or lifetime efforts.

This program allows SkillsUSA advisors, students and registered alumni to earn recognition for their community service and volunteer activities. To qualify, SkillsUSA members, advisors or alumni must submit a record of service hours. With SkillsUSA’s focus on service, many advisors and students have already met the requirements to receive the award.

For details on qualifying hours and requirements, visit: www.skillsusa.org/membership-resources/awards/presidents-volunteer-service-award/.

Applications must be received by April 1 for recognition at the 2021 NLSC.

SkillsUSA Scholarship Opportunities Now Open for Applications 

Applications for several scholarships are now open to benefit SkillsUSA students in pursuit of higher education or certification in their chosen fields. Help spread the word about these opportunities:

  • SkillsUSA has teamed up with the National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) to promote outstanding student achievement within career and technical education. NTHS will award four $1,000 scholarships; two scholarships will be awarded to high school members, and two scholarships will be awarded to college/postsecondary members. For more information and to apply, go to: skillsusa.org/membership-resources/scholarships-financial-aid/. The deadline for applications is April 2.
  • The Sharon Melton Myers Memorial SkillsUSA Scholarship fund will provide graduating SkillsUSA members the opportunity to continue their education in college or technical school. For more information and to apply, go to: skillsusa.org/membership-resources/scholarships-financial-aid/. The deadline for applications is April 15.

For additional scholarship information, continually check the website at: www.skillsusa.org/membership-resources/scholarships-financial-aid/.

Annual Corporate Forms Needed

State SkillsUSA directors: It’s time to complete the annual corporate form. This information is very important to SkillsUSA and we appreciate your help. Forms are due by Friday, April 23. Complete the form at the following link: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/b02839ec11b04f02b0e29d0179111b86.

Due Dates

Feb. 1: Marsha Daves Memorial Scholarship applications due
Feb. 1: SkillsUSA Bylaw Amendment Motions submissions due
Feb. 15: Honorary Life Member and Outstanding Career and Technical Educator nominations due
Feb. 15: National Officer Candidate Career Essentials Staff Member Instructor and Proctor applications due
March 1: SkillsUSA National Membership deadline
March 1: National Conference Pin and T-Shirt Design submissions due
March 1: National Youth Safety Video Contest submissions due
April 1: Advisor of the Year State SkillsUSA Director submissions due
April 1: Student2Student entries due
April 1:  President’s Volunteer Service Award applications due
April 2: National Technical Honor Society Scholarship applications due
April 15: Sharon Melton Myers Memorial SkillsUSA Scholarship fund applications due
April 23: Annual Corporate Forms due
June 1: National Officer Candidate applications due