2018 SkillsUSA National Statesman Requirements

The SkillsUSA National Statesman Award is presented to members who demonstrate SkillsUSA knowledge and civic awareness, along with an understanding of the SkillsUSA Framework and how to articulate their personal career and technical education (CTE) experience. This award is only available to members who participate in the Washington Leadership Training Institute (WLTI).

Note: The SkillsUSA National Statesman requirements add up to 100 possible points. In order to receive this award, a member must receive a minimum of 80 points. Award recipients will be honored during the WLTI Closing Session Breakfast on Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018.

Prework Assignments

CTE, Carl D. Perkins and Skills Gap Facts (Possible 20 pts)

One of the important experiences of WLTI is the opportunity for members of SkillsUSA to advocate for CTE to Congress. Therefore, understanding the evolution of CTE, the importance of Carl D. Perkins funding and the skills gap is critical to preparing for these conversations with legislators. Take some time to research these three topics — CTE history, Carl D. Perkins Act and the skills gap — and write down eight facts about each topic (24 facts total). Be sure to note your online sources. Save the document to be submitted with your other prework assignments.

Visit the following websites to jumpstart your research:

Informational Interview (Possible 20 pts)

Understanding the local impact of CTE and Perkins funding is critical when advocating with legislative leaders. Ask your SkillsUSA advisor to identify the appropriate person at your school or campus to help in answering questions about the impact of Perkins funding. Most commonly this is a school administrator. Reach out to that person and request a 20-minute meeting or phone call to discuss the questions outlined. Schools with multiple students attending WLTI should work together; schedule one appointment and all attendees should be present for the interview.

Start the meeting by providing your name, training program and that you are attending the SkillsUSA Washington Leadership Training Institute where you will learn professionalism, communication and leadership skills while advocating for career and technical education and SkillsUSA. Ask all the questions listed, and take notes while the person is responding. Be sure and thank the interviewee for his or her time. After the interview, summarize all responses, and save the document to be submitted with your other pre-work assignments.

Before the meeting, print and review the Informational Interview Questionnaire, here.

Your CTE Story (Possible 10 pts)

We all have our own unique story in how we became a career and technical student and member of SkillsUSA. As way to develop your SkillsUSA Framework story, answer the following questions. These answers will be submitted using the prework assignment link.

  • Name
  • Hometown
  • School
  • CTE Career Cluster
  • CTE Program
  • Why did you select your CTE program?
  • What skills have you learned in your CTE program?
  • In which Essential Element from the SkillsUSA Framework have you grown the most?
  • Share about the experiences that have helped you grow in this Essential Element.

All prework assignments must be submitted online by Friday, Sept. 14, 2018. The pre-work assignment link will be live when registration opens and will be available on our SkillsUSA website. Once your pre-work is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with your submissions for your reference.

Assignments During WLTI

SkillsUSA Knowledge & Civic Awareness Test (Possible 20 points)

Knowing about SkillsUSA is critical in being a leader within our organization. As a way to assess your organization knowledge and civic awareness, you will have the opportunity to take a written multiple-choice test during the conference. The test may cover the following information:

SkillsUSA Knowledge

  • SkillsUSA Motto
  • SkillsUSA Theme 2018-2019
  • Creed
  • SkillsUSA Colors
  • Program of Work
  • SkillsUSA Framework
  • Executive Director and his role
  • Board of Directors and its role

Civic Awareness and Carl D. Perkins Act

  • First Amendment Rights
  • Branches of the government
  • Number of U.S. senators and representatives and how they are selected
  • Name of the Secretary of Education and the role of the U.S. Department of Education
  • Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act
Demonstrating Your SkillsUSA Knowledge (Possible 10 points)

During the conference, you will have the opportunity to state various aspects of SkillsUSA knowledge, to tell your Framework Story and to define professionalism. You will state this information in person to a designated Statesman signer, who will initial each item that he or she reviews. Turn in your completed Statesman worksheet to your state leader. Your state leader will deliver the entire delegation’s papers to the SkillsUSA conference headquarters by the designated deadline.

  1. Recite the SkillsUSA Pledge.
  2. Recite the 2018-2019 SkillsUSA theme and explain what it means to you.
  3. Recite your SkillsUSA Framework story.
  4. Recite the components of the POWERR formula and describe development and delivery phases.
  5. Define professionalism and identify three ways you have demonstrated this skill during WLTI.
Interview (Possible 20 points)

Preparing for congressional visits is important to ensure that all members represent SkillsUSA and CTE to the best of their abilities. During WLTI, you will have the opportunity to have a personal interview with a national staff member, state association director, state advisor, SkillsUSA board member or another individual. A list with names, interview times and locations will be posted outside the SkillsUSA conference headquarters. Interview questions will be based on the preparation you have done throughout WLTI to prepare for your congressional visits and the information learned during your training sessions. The interview will include questions about CTE, the skills gap, SkillsUSA and your personal experiences. Interviewers will evaluate members based on a rubric and provide you with a score and feedback. The interview rubric will be available for review.

Submit your prework online.