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Connect to My Future – May 3-4, 2022

SkillsUSA will host the “Connect to My Future Conference” on May 3-4, 2022. This new conference will create an authentic career-focused experience between students and industry partners that fosters meaningful and lasting connections  relevant to the student’s future career.

For students, this is a live encounter with industry professionals to learn more about in-demand careers, build upon occupational identities and make a direct connection to internships, military or full-time employment.

For teachers, this conference is an opportunity to provide students with a direct connection to national industry partners who represent in-demand careers. Participation can help meet Perkins V requirements or state standards.

For business partners, this event harnesses purposeful volunteerism while tapping into a pipeline of talented future employees to help fill the skills gap. There is no replacement for sharing one’s personal journey, career advice and first-hand knowledge while offering résumé review and interview advice.

Contact Brandon Monk at bmonk@skillsusa.org to learn how you and your company can get involved.

Ready to volunteer? Sign up here.