Delegate Sessions

SkillsUSA is a student-run organization, whereby student members are charged with the responsibility of governing the affairs associated with the student constitution. States are entitled to student voting delegates commensurate with their membership to represent the views of their state association within the structure of the National House of Delegates.

National House of Delegate sessions are three days of a business meeting setting. There are two houses of voting delegates: one for college/postsecondary students and one for high-school students. Approximately 600 young adults, who are geographically diverse and hold various leadership roles within their SkillsUSA chapters, come together to conduct the business of SkillsUSA.

Duties and Responsibilities of the National House of Delegates

The duties of the voting delegates are important to the operation of the organization. Therefore, the selection process for voting delegates must be seriously considered to ensure that the voting delegates are aware of their duties and will carry them out diligently to:

  • Enact bylaws, rules and regulations necessary for carrying out the affairs and activities of the organization
  • Elect national officers of the organization
  • Act upon items of business as requested by the National Executive Council and Board of Directors.

NOTE: Because of the delegate schedule during conference, it is not recommended for contestants to serve as delegates. A national officer candidate may serve as a delegate and vote, but he or she may not be seated in the House of Delegates meeting during campaign speeches and problematic questions.

TAG Tuesday

The ultimate delegate training experience

Delegate training just got ramped up a notch with TAG Tuesday! TAG Tuesday will lead delegates on a quest that will allow them to Train, Act and Grow from their leadership experiences. Their ability to engage more, give more and ultimately be a better delegate for their state is key. Preregistration is required, and three tracks are available: high-school state officer, high-school chapter member and college/postsecondary state officer or member.

Leadership training for high-school delegates will build upon creating successful partnerships, opportunities to get involved, managing your reputation and essentials of creating an effective organization. High-school delegates will conclude their day with a hands-on, experiential activity that is sure to make an impact on and enhance their leadership ability.

College/postsecondary delegates will have an opportunity to focus on individual skills that will kickstart their careers: successful networking, creating a marketable you, and balancing personal and professional success. The college/postsecondary training will conclude with live interviews with business leaders who will offer individual feedback on résumés and interviewing techniques.