Talking Points for an Administrator Meeting

(to be used with SkillsUSA Admin Flier)

1. Introduce yourself if you don’t already know your administrators.

2. Thank them for taking time to meet with you.

3. Give them a copy of the administrator flier.

4. Explain the basics of SkillsUSA:

  • SkillsUSA is a nationally recognized student organization for students preparing for technical careers
  • SkillsUSA is organized with local chapters at high schools and colleges, state-level associations and activities as well as national activities

5. Review why SkillsUSA is important:

  • For many students, SkillsUSA is the first of many professional organizations they will join to advance their career
  • SkillsUSA provides a laboratory for students to practice their CTE instruction in real-world settings and competitions
  • SkillsUSA offers a state and national contest program for students to demonstrate their skill level and earn certifications, and for schools to gain positive publicity
  • SkillsUSA offers a Professional Development Program to assist students in developing employability skills such as responsibility, time management, teamwork and problem solving

6. Review the benefits of SkillsUSA from the administrator flier

7. Ask your administrator what questions they have about SkillsUSA. Be prepared to answer questions such as:

  • Costs of having a chapter and funding needed
  • Requirements of the school to sponsor a chapter
  • Amount of time required for the teacher as advisor
  • Amount of time students will be absent from school
  • Number of students interested in SkillsUSA

8. Ask if they will support the chartering of SkillsUSA.

9. Ask for copies of policies regarding student organizations and any other information you will need to advise a SkillsUSA chapter.